Traditional floodlights has some disadvantages. Due to the adoption of LED lighting technology and its use in solar garden flood lights, some of these shortcomings have disappeared. The performance solar garden flood lights fully meets the promise. If you have a large lighting space, solar garden flood lights can complete the job. Solar garden flood lights are bright enough to make people feel safe in an area. They prevent criminals from trying anything against them. Solar garden flood lights allow anyone to see anything, so everyone feels safe and visible. As a leading solar garden flood lights supplier, we will let you know some advantages to use solar garden flood lights .

1. Energy Saving

You can save a lot of money by using solar garden flood lights as the main light source in outdoor areas . Although solar garden flood lights provide a lot of brightness, they consume less energy than other types of lights and other types of safety. Once the solar LED lighting system is installed, many people will find other security systems obsolete. Many of these other security systems are expensive. And the solar garden flood lights system provides enough security that there is no need to invest in other systems.

2. Super Bright

One of the best ways to prevent crime is to identify criminals. Solar garden flood lights can stop criminals. Solar garden flood lights use LEDs that are bright enough to recognize faces up to 30 feet long. Therefore, they will not hide in the security camera when committing a crime. These solar garden flood lights are almost as good at illuminating faces as natural or direct sunlight. This brightness also makes it easier for people trying to drive safely in a certain area to identify trouble makers in the distance and avoid potential problems as soon as possible.

3. Motion Sensor

The solar garden flood lights with motion sensor reacts through the sensor and consumes less energy than the continuous running light. You can choose whether you want this feature or not. However, it’s nice to know that you can choose to save energy when you need it.

Solar garden flood lights with motion sensor also have the added benefit of being caught off guard. This means that if criminals do try to do something on your property that they should not have done, then the solar garden flood lights will suddenly come on and shock them. Since criminals need predictable targets, security can be increased.

4. Make other safety equipment more effective

Lighting is one of the main necessary conditions to ensure regional security. Solar garden flood lights allow cameras to record criminal activities. In addition, solar garden flood lights enables those under attack to deal with their situation as safely as possible. For example, it’s easier to call 911 in a well lit place. It’s easier to capture misconduct on camera phones. Moreover, if someone is attacked, it is easier to identify the attacker. Solar garden flood lights can not only directly make the area safer, but also improve the effectiveness of other security functions.

5. Boosting business at night

These energy-efficient solar garden flood lights will increase your business because they make people feel secure. As a business owner, you may be thinking about how to attract people to your business during all business hours. If people tend to avoid after dark because they don’t feel 100% safe, it will damage your business. Even if there is no crime, people just feel uneasy, and so it is. If a crime occurs, you will forget to do business until you take action to improve the security of the surrounding area.


Solar garden flood lights can help you increase your business. Lighting welcomes people to an area and helps them feel safe enough to relax and shop with you. Your goal should always be to put customers first and make sure they feel relaxed and safe when doing business with you. Solar garden flood lights are easier and more efficient than ever. This is an investment you will not regret.

Bbier Lighting is a professional solar garden flood lights supplier & manufacturer in China for 10 years. All solar garden flood lights are CE ROHS approved and 3 year warranty. The important thing is that we are a manufacturer, so we can also customize different types solar garden flood lights according to customers’ requirements. You are welcome to inquire and purchase any time!