Switching to outdoor solar led garden light is a grand idea. You can use the power of the sun to illuminate the yard at night without having to spend electricity bills or worry about forgetting to turn on and off the lights. The price of solar lighting has gone from being truly affordable to quite expensive, and those who have owned them for a while may have noticed that their illuminance is not as high as before. Is there anything that can be done about that?

Why is the solar led garden light dimmed?

How do you make your Solar LED Garden Lights Brighter in many steps will commence with you crossing off the main possibilities/reasons your solar lights may be dim or show restricted light flow. After crossing off the probable likelihoods that could be at the root of the problem, you can try opening the panel up and alter it from the inside. The last step if the light still seems defective will be to seek support. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1 – Check it’s Activated

It sounds simple, but don’t be ashamed, we have all bought things and haven’t pulled the straps from or from the battery. This is a very human error, but if your solar light doesn’t seem to work properly at all, please troubleshoot this error first.

  • Step #2 – Check You Have Proper Batteries & No Corrosion

The working method of outdoor solar lights is to collect solar energy through panels and solar battery packs. These are petite batteries with LED bulbs (light emitting diodes). Due to age and environment, solar lights usually work overtime and lose their brightness, which is very common.

Whether your lamp is an old battery from the solar energy itself, or a new one-the battery may be the problem. Batteries are often corroded or tarnished. Since the battery is indeed the most important part of the device, it is necessary to equip the solar panel with an appropriately functional battery.

This may be a corroded battery, which consumes energy faster than it should, in this case, you need to remove the battery.

  • Step #3 – Check the Lenses and Panels

Check every part of your solar led garden light. You will be able to see if it is dirty or has accumulated debris.

This buildup of debris may look harmless enough and like standard wear and tear for any of your outdoor belongings.

However, the factors you need to consider and their impact on the vitality/brightness of the solar light are as follows:

1.Your light is covered by dirt, which means that the sun’s rays cannot reach the panel
2.The panel does not absorb light, so there is nothing in the battery
3.Due to obstructed light during the day, it cannot be operated at night
4.Just like the dark night sky stars that we used to hang on the ceiling of the bedroom, if they don’t have enough light, they won’t shine.
5.Dirt will prevent your lights from glowing brightly, so good cleaning is required.

How do I make my solar led garden lights brighter?

  • Make sure that the solar panel is getting enough sunlight during the day

This is one of the most common reasons why solar garden lights are not as bright as before. This is because solar panels do not have enough sunlight during the day. It may have been working for a few months, but now the trees and plants have grown, and something may be blocking the panel.

Therefore, in the daytime, please ensure that the panel is exposed to direct sunlight. The more sunlight on the panel, the longer and brighter the light during the day. You should make sure that the panel is receiving sunlight during the hottest part of the day.

  • Cleaning the Solar Panel 

Another reason why solar garden lights may no longer be bright. It may not be clean. Even if the panel is in the sun throughout the day, if there is dust on the panel, it will not be able to get sunlight. The dust blocked the sunlight.

This is why solar panels should always be kept clean. Moreover, you need to clean it regularly. To ensure that the panel is always clean and properly charged. Then, your light will shine again.

  • Replace the solar power batteries

Over time these solar power batteries are getting broken as well. They just don’t charge anymore, no matter how long you are charging the batteries. And, this will require you to purchase new batteries for the solar garden lights. Then, you will see that the lights are shining bright again.

  • Consider purchasing higher quality solar garden lights

Now you know how to make your solar led garden lights brighter. These are simple cleaning techniques that may affect the brightness of the flashing lights. You should start with the solar panels and work down gradually to make sure everything is clean and in good working order. If there is no other effect, the lamp may need to be replaced to improve quality.

You should consider purchasing higher quality solar garden lights. The higher the quality, the brighter it will shine. And, it will make sure that you are getting the results that you were hoping for.


There are many things you can do to brighten up your solar led garden lights, especially when we talk about items that you have owned and used for a long time and are likely to be dirty. Solar led garden lights are exposed to various environmental factors, not to mention pollutants (such as dust and debris). Generally speaking, solar lights are low-maintenance products, but this does not mean that you don’t have to clean them regularly. Otherwise, you will find that the light fades much more than when it was first installed.