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Bbier®, Leading LED Vapor Lights Supplier & Manufacturer & Factory, We Supply and Customize a variety of LED Vapor Lights. We have over 13 years of commercial lighting R&D experience, 50+ LED lights patents, 200+ LED Lights Certifications, support OEM & ODM, 5 Years Warranty.

Features of Bbier® LED Vapor Lights:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT & GLARE-FREE – These LED Vapor Lights provide 7800 Lumens at 5000K cool white, saving 75% electric bill instantly. The milky light cover can help the fixture to provide uniform light distribution, no dazzling light to eyes.
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN – Our LED Vapor Lights are IP65 waterproof, and its sealed design makes it better for areas with dust, dirt, humidity and harsh temperature.
  • QUICK EASY INSTALLATION – These LED Vapor Lights are super easy to install, it can be mounted on ceiling or wall directly with the included mounting clips; or it can also be suspended to ceiling by hanging rope(Not Included).
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made by high quality polycarbonate housing and stainless clips, these LED Vapor Lights are durable & impact resistan, it’s able to maintain its color and luster over time.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Perfect for garages, carports, tunnels, storage areas, workbenches, basements, homes, offices, car washes, barns and outdoor venues, ideal alternative of fluorescent versions.

Vapor Proof LED Light 48W 4Ft 5000K 5,200 Lumen

48W       2700K-6700K

$56.98 - $59.69 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

Vapor Light Fixture 35W 4Ft 3,850 Lumen 5000K

35W       2700K-6700K

$46.12 - $49.63 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

LED Vapor Tight Light 24W 4Ft 5000K 2,640 Lumen

24W       2700K-6700K

$36.12 - $39.63 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

60W Vapor Proof Light 5000K 7,800LM with Ac120-277V

60W       5000K

$99.37 - $105.53 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

40W Vapor Proof Light Fixture IP66 5000K 5,200LM

30W    IP65    2700K-6700K

$95.37 - $99.53 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

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