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Commercial LED Projectors

Commercial LED Projectors are a brand new advertising media and a type of projection advertising. It uses a high-power projection equipment, uses optical projection principles, and uses high-brightness light sources to project the full-color advertising content on the film onto the projection surface required by the customer, forming an outdoor or indoor advertisement with great visual impact. . It is composed of a single or multiple projectors.

It is a comprehensive visualization system engineering that integrates hardware platforms and professional display equipment. The entire system includes display objects, projectors, graphics computing clusters, and related auxiliary accessories to produce highly realistic It can express three-dimensional scenes with a sense of depth and three-dimensionality, and combine it with music and sound to achieve a shocking effect. Currently, the technology is mostly used for art display and commercial projection.

Filters – Light projectors can be used to project color washes, graphics or moving images onto a surface. All content is produced with the same projector;

Mapping – Here we map out the contours and features of your building to create stunning light displays, specifically designed to bring out your building’s best features or recreate old features that have long since collapsed. Your imagination is the only limit and with our training and advice we will help remove all those limitations. Talk to us today about your ideas and be happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Signage – Whether projected onto a wall, floor or roof, projected signage is a great way to keep safety and information signage clear and crisp, even in high-traffic areas such as loading docks or clean rooms. You can even activate them with sensors so the message is always noticed!


HGL-D4000,Super brightness;Super large screen;  High resolution and brilliant colors; Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.

JY-DS1200,Commercial projection advertising is a special form of advertising at present. Entertainment experience and two-way interaction have become the new darling of the advertising industry.

JY-DS2000,The refreshing projection advertising effect is suitable for municipal lighting and various display facades to enhance the advertising atmosphere. The advertising effects are rich in display, and unique theme effects can be produced according to different requirements.

JY-DS-4500、5500、6000、8000,Novel forms of advertising: Commercial projection advertising systems can be used for advertising on the facades of all public places, attracting audiences with their novelty and visual impact.

HYK-F7500,Convenient, simple, and timely: it can be designed according to customer needs, and content can be easily updated; the projected image area can be expanded to any required size; different interactive content can be set as needed to enhance the entertainment effect.The area of the projection area and the shape of the projection can be changed according to the actual display effect and creative needs. Easy to install, disassemble and transport, it is suitable for both long-term and short-term exhibitions.