LED Selfie Lights - Supplier & Manufacturer & Factory

Bbier®, Leading LED Selfie Lights Supplier & Manufacturer & Factory, We Supply and Customize a variety of LED Selfie Lights. We have over 13 years of commercial lighting R&D experience, 50+ LED lights patents, 200+ LED Lights Certifications, support OEM & ODM, 5 Years Warranty.

Features of Bbier® LED Selfie Lights:

  • FLEXIBLE LIGHT STAND & PHONE HOLDER – The LED Selfie Light has 180-degree lighting angle adjustable light stand & rotating 360-degree cell phone holder with globe head that effortlessly helps you capture different levels of brightness and angles of lighting!
  • 4 LEVEL TRIPOD STAND – Easily-install tripod stand has 4 levels from 27.5 inches to 45 inches, just lock it at your preferred height, stand it on the floor and put onto your desk as you need. Besides, the tripod stand can use as a selfie stick itself.
  • 2 IN 1 FUNCTION – Combines the LED Selfie Lights and phone holder together. A perfect fill light for Youtube & Facebook live beauty videos, portrait photography, video chat, selfie, live streaming, product display, etc.

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