Stadium Lights are an area of strength with special lights set at various levels. They will often use small pillar points reaching somewhere in the ten to sixty degree range. The more moderate the bar, the more severe the light.

Stadium lights can be installed at different heights according to the space. The pivot point will fluctuate depending on the mounting height of the light.

These lights are easily controllable, dynamic and energy efficient. The Driven is very well known on the sports field and can be used to a remarkable effect on any game. There’s nothing like a bar spot when it comes to STADIUM LIGHTS. In stadium lighting, you need to make sure the light is able to illuminate the areas of town you need.

Appropriate pillar points can make the lighting evenly throughout the venue, without dark areas or outliers. An off-base spot can dazzle players, annoy fans, and generally ruin the setting of the occasion.

A mid- to high-end LED floodlight system cost usually between $70,000 and $240,000 to installing a new LED lighting system for a stadium. But the cost of LED sports lighting varies by the stype of sport stadium, competition level, size and quality.

Usually, lighting systems are initially installed or upgraded in larger projects, such as the construction of football fields. Therefore, it is best practice to calculate the cost of LED stadium lights as early as possible to ensure that the project stays within budget.

It is very easy for us to calculate the total cost of your sports lighting project! Try our Stadium Lighting Cost Calculator and get a customized cost breakdown. The price range for new LED stadium lighting systems is very wide, with details derived from the factors we mention later in this guide. Prices depend on how many parts are being replaced. However, any existing equipment should be inspected to ensure that it is still structurally and functionally intact. The service life of new equipment should not be affected by the age of old equipment.

What are the operating costs of stadium lighting?

In budget planning, in addition to floodlighting systems, maintenance costs should also be considered. LED lights are the most economical and environmentally friendly option.

Typically, LED stadium lighting systems have a service life ranging from 80,000 to 100,000 hours. This significantly reduces the maintenance costs of running a sports facility because fewer bulbs or fixtures need to be replaced.

Modern LED sports lighting systems in stadiums are in many cases computer controlled. For example, floodlights can be turned on automatically at fixed times. This saves personnel costs. In many cases, modern lighting systems can now be controlled via smartphone apps. This allows different people to access and use the lighting very easily and simply.

With LED floodlights, you can also rent out the sports field to other groups and clubs for night training or competitions. When calculating rental costs, you should factor in both electricity and light source wear and tear, but balance the income these rentals can generate.

It is also recommended to install other technologies that may be required at the same time as installing the floodlights, such as installing security cameras or speakers on utility poles. This reduces the overall installation cost of the sports field lighting infrastructure.

Picking Drove STADIUM LIGHTS is something you shouldn’t mess around with. Research as needed and pick a reliable staff member to hire to ensure the best possible lighting experience for players and spectators.