The spotlights used in football stadiums are also called spotlights, a kind of football stadium lights, which are used to specify the lighting on the illuminated surface above the surrounding environment. Generally, it can point in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. It is mainly used for large-area mines, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds. Almost all large-area lighting used outdoors can be regarded as illuminators. Rich colors, simple monochrome, soft lighting, low power consumption, long life, and up to 50,000 hours of lighting. Moreover, its LED lamp body is compact, easy to hide or install, not easy to damage, no heat radiation, and is beneficial to protect bare objects. It has a wide range of applications. The light beam angle is wide and narrow, ranging from 0° to 180°. This particularly narrow beam is called a searchlight.

What are the requirements for the design of football stadium lights?

The football field lighting design is a highly functional, technical and difficult design. To meet the various needs of football field lighting, it is conducive to the ideal state of remote mobilization, is conducive to the correct judgment of referees, and is conducive to the viewing effect of all positions in the audience. There are many factors to consider.

Football fields are generally divided into 11-a-side football fields, 7-a-side football fields and 5-a-side football fields. The size of the standard 11-a-side football field is 105x68m. Requirements for the length and width of the 5-a-side football field: The field should be rectangular. Length: the shortest 25 meters, the longest 42 meters; width: the shortest 15 meters, the longest 25 meters. The requirements of the stadium for international competitions: length: the shortest 38 meters and the longest 42 meters; width: the shortest 18 meters and the longest 22 meters.

7-a-side football field length: the longest 75 meters, the shortest 45 meters; width: the longest 56 meters, the shortest 28 meters. In the competition field, the restricted area is the area where an arc is drawn into the field with a radius of 9 meters and is connected to the goal line on both sides of the goal post. The vertical distance from the penalty point to the midpoint of the goal line is 8 meters. The middle circle is a circle with a radius of 9 meters with the center of the court as the center.

Football fields are relatively large, so football field lighting requires lighting fixtures with high luminous efficiency and long range. It is difficult for ordinary lamps to illuminate the center of the football field. The light effect of football stadium lights can reach between 110 and 130lm/w, with a long range, more than enough to illuminate the middle part of the football stadium. In addition, football stadium lights have many advantages. For example, Bbier’s football stadium lights have “no stroboscopic effect”, which does not cause eye fatigue and protects eye health. Compared with general energy-saving lamps, it can save energy by more than 50%. Compared with traditional metal halide lamps, it can save energy by more than 70%; high heat dissipation performance: the main radiator adopts 6063-T5 aluminum profile, and adopts phase change heat dissipation technology, and the structure adopts air convection design to ensure the heat dissipation effect. In combustible and explosive places, the safety performance is extremely high, the service life can reach more than 50,000 hours, the overall cost of LED lamps is low, and it saves electricity and money.

In fact, the advantages of football stadium lights can also be seen from the requirements of football stadium lighting for football matches. For example, the lighting requirements of professional football stadiums require an average illuminance of 500 lux and a color rendering index of 65 or more. The vertical illuminance of the main camera direction of TV broadcasting national and international competitions should reach 1000lux, and the color rendering index should reach 80 or more. The highest level of lighting in football stadiums-HDTV broadcasts major and international games have higher requirements: the vertical illuminance in the direction of the main camera needs to reach 2000lux or more, and the vertical illuminance in the direction of the auxiliary camera needs to reach 1400lux or more. This illumination requirement is that of many ordinary footballs. More than ten times the field lighting.

The requirements for the vertical illuminance uniformity of the main camera direction of the football field lighting level VI are also extremely high. The ratio of the minimum illuminance to the maximum illuminance needs to reach 0.7, and the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the average illuminance needs to reach 0.8. This means that the light control technology of football stadium lights should be very good. Bbier’s football stadium lights has 144 kinds of light distribution curve technology to precisely control the light, so that the coordination between light and light is more controllable, and high uniformity is easier to achieve.

Football field lighting level VI also has high requirements for the color rendering index and color temperature of the light source. The color rendering index Ra needs to be above 90, and the color temperature Tcp needs to be around 5500K. The color rendering index of Bbier’s football stadium lights is above 90, the color temperature can be customized, and the color temperature is 6500K.

The high-definition rebroadcast of the football field picture is not only related to the sophisticated camera equipment, but also closely related to the football field lighting. The most obvious thing is that the photos taken on the football fields of many amateur clubs are dark, even the faces of players. Can’t see clearly. The reason is that the football stadium lighting indicators of these football clubs are many times different from the above-mentioned football stadium lighting levels. As for the videos shot in the relay-level football stadium lighting, these clips can be played without flicker at a speed of 20,000 frames per second, and fans can capture every second of the rebroadcast in detail. This reflects the power of special lamps for football fields. Bbier’s football stadium lights can also strike a balance between warm and cool colors, so the image appears brighter and clearer on TV, with almost no shadows, glare or black spots, so the action in the video remains clear and smooth.

HDTV broadcasts major and international football stadium lighting, and also requires the glare index GR of football stadium lighting to be less than 50. The glare index of a football stadium lighting is mainly related to the softness of the light source and the football stadium lighting plan. If the light source is not soft enough, then the best football stadium lighting plan is no good. The special lamps for the China Big Dipper football stadium have soft light, which brings great convenience to the setting of the football stadium lighting scheme.

Once the lamps on the football field have glare hazards, they will cause glare hazards in multiple positions and different angles on the football field. The player who kicks the ball only sees a light curtain with a strong stimulus, not the flying ball. In the visual perception system, it produces uncomfortable visual effects such as dazzling, dazzling, dazzling, and dazzling. It can cause visual fatigue, restlessness and anxiety. This is why no matter which angle you are in, the pictures of the football field that you take are all white.

How to prevent the glare of football stadium lights?

The light color quality of football stadium lights is a decisive factor in determining the quality of football stadium lighting. Among them, the glare phenomenon of venue lighting is the biggest hazard to venue lighting.

The performance of light glare hazards:

  • Football stadium lights, dazzling, dazzling, dazzling and dazzling. Players only see a dazzling, dazzling light curtain, but can’t see or see the football flying in the air. The eyes cannot catch the sphere flying in the air, focus on imaging and track the trajectory of the sphere, positioning and kicking the ball accurately in the air.
  • When the stadium lighting lights have high glare energy and the glare damage is serious. The dazzling light of the stadium lighting can also cause visual pain. The greater the glare energy, the greater the visual stinging sensation.
  • In sports venues that use traditional lighting. The glare of high color temperature and high energy is not only a strong irritation to human eyes. Even if the vision of the eyes leaves the light surface, there will still be a short-term visual black phenomenon. Moreover, the time for vision to return to normal vision is also related to the high color temperature and high-energy glare intensity. The higher the color temperature and the stronger the glare energy, the longer the visual recovery time.

At present, there are many kinds of special venue lights for sports stadiums used for stadium lighting, but nowadays, metal halide lights and LED sports lighting lights are mainly active in the market. These two stadium lights have better luminous mechanism and performance quality. Large differences, the magnitude of glare energy and the degree of glare damage are also very different.

Among them: the glare of metal halide lamps is the most serious, and the degree of glare is the most harmful. The high-power LED sports lights are polarized. Some companies deal with glare very well, while others are helpless! In this regard, it is Bbier who handles the better. Aiming at the hazards of glare, Bbier has done a thorough research and finally overcome the glare problem!

As for how Bbier overcomes the glare problem, I also conducted a simple research. Based on relevant information, I concluded the following reasons:

1) Bbier professionally designed lamps for different court characteristics, rather than simply replacing traditional light sources;

2) Bbier’s reasonable light distribution design realizes effective control of light;

3) Bbier’s advanced optical technology, built-in anti-glare and anti-overflow devices, uniform light distribution, reducing site glare;

4) Bbier reasonably determines the working power of the LED light source to control its central light intensity.

In order to facilitate the scientific identification and selection of venue lighting in the lighting design of sports venues, I suggest that you do not “great small and cheap and suffer big losses”, and choose the best and most suitable for you is what we should do the most!

What are features of Bbier’s football stadium lights?

1. The internal and external anti-vibration structure design effectively solves the problem of the bulb falling due to strong vibration, shortening the bulb life, and breaking the bracket.

2. Using high-efficiency gas discharge lamps as the light source, football stadium lights have a service life of more than 10,000 hours, which is especially suitable for outdoor large-area unattended lighting.

3. Light alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, the shell will never rust and never corrode.

4. Use new technologies such as pipes to ensure the integrity of the shell, reliable sealing, waterproof and dustproof.

5. It has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.

6. The overall heat dissipation of the lighting equipment is good, which can reduce the possibility of failure. The advantage of Bbier’s football stadium lights is that the spotlight has bright colors, good monochrome, soft light, low power, long life, and lighting time up to 50,000 hours.

Power 300W 500W 600W 800W 1000W 1200W
CCT 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K RGB
Beam Angle 15°30°60° 90°
Luminous Source SMD 3030
Operation Temp. -40 to +45℃
Life Span 50,000 hours at 25℃
Voltage 100-277VAC/50-60HZ, 347-480VAC available
Driver Mean well power supply
Dimming Available
Sensor Microwave sensor Daily sensor available
Control System Zigbee control system + single controller
Cover Transparent, Matte, Lens available
IP 65
PF >0.95
Warranty 5 Years

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