LED wall pack lights are essential fixtures that illuminate buildings, making them urban and industrial beacons of light. Whether you are adding brand new lights or upgrading from metal halide, using LED wall pack lights will offer you super brightness at incredibly low power draws. Commonly found mounted on outward facing walls, they provide illumination to ground areas frequented by vehicles and pedestrians. Here are some quick specs of the Bbier LED wall pack lights:

  • Available in 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W, or 120W
  • 3900 – 15600 Lumens
  • 5000K
  • 90×110° Beam Angle
  • IP65
  • UL Listed for Wet Location

What is LED wall pack lights?

LED wall pack lights are one of the popular outdoor lighting utilizes the LED technology. LED wall pack lights are designed to replace 100W to 400W metal halide wall mounted fixtures while consuming up to 79% less energy and operating for up to 100,000 hours (L85).

Powered by high performance, energy-efficient mid power LED chip packages. The outdoor LED wall pack lights produce bright, long-lasting illumination, reducing shadows and creating a safer nighttime environment while saving energy and maintenance costs. The footprint allows for replacement of HID fixtures without painting or patching.

LED wall pack outdoor light fixture combines value and versatility in a low-profile, architectural style design. Whether the project is lighting a sign, building or parking lot, Bbier is the complete solution for wall, area/site and floodlighting applications.

The LED wall pack series delivers a broad range of solutions with superior performance, installation flexibility, long term reliability and significant energy savings, making the choice simple for all your outdoor lighting applications.

Where can I use LED wall pack lights?

The following are common applications of LED wall pack lights. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Warehouses
  • Alleys
  • Storage Spaces
  • Driveways
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

Guide to Outdoor Wall Pack Lighting

For commercial lighting, good lighting helps attract customers and improve security. To ensure a good amount of light for your outdoor spaces in your property, you cannot afford to put up any sort of wall pack light. To create the correct ambiance once the sun goes down, it’s all about choosing the right type of lighting and fixture to hold them. There are various factors to consider when planning or upgrading the exterior lighting, that not only will change the complete look, but also assure better safety and security.

Now, from choosing the high quality LED Wall Pack light to understand the correct fixtures that would suffice you, here are some guidelines to outdoor lighting that you need to remember.

For good outdoor lighting, it is important to incorporate the three basic types of lighting:

  • Ambient – Ambient lights can be achieved through post or wall pack lights, task lighting is possible through security and deck lights
  • Task – Not as common outdoors, but you may have an area next a garage or work shop where you need some bright task lighting. On commercial properties it may be by the trash cans for breaking down boxes or dock lights for unloading trucks or pallets.
  • Accent – Whereas accent outdoor lighting can be received with the aid of lights hitting specific objects such as trees and water features at home and signs and entrances for commercial
  • Security- Always be thinking about how to make spaces safer

How Much Light You Need?

Before you start shopping for the outdoor lights, make sure to figure out exactly how much lighting you need. You can seek the assistance of someone professional to determine the amount of light your outdoor space requires.

Always Think About Security

Make sure that you fit outdoor lighting not just for creating a good ambiance but also to ensure the best safety. The entry points of the home must be well lit, and a good security will keep your property protected from any danger. Whenever you are contemplating on adding some new lights for your outdoor space, or replacing the existing ones, always consider security.

  • Motion Sensor -Advanced and reliable LED motion sensor wall lights can save energy and improve security.
  • Dusk to Dawn Lights – Lots of outdoor lights are available with a photocell to stay on from dusk to dawn. This alone improve security, but also enables cameras to see clearly.

Why should you get LED wall pack lights?

  • Visibility & Security

Whether it’s a warehouse or an alley, LED wall pack lights improve the surrounding area’s safety. Anytime you’re walking alone you can depend on the lights to keep other figures visible, so nothing takes you by surprise. If an emergency arises, paramedics can swiftly and safely respond thanks to the enhanced visibility.

  • Wide Coverage

The semi-cutoff form is our primary offering, which yields a 90×100° beam angle. This means the LED lighting shines 90° forward and 100° sideways simultaneously, covering vast and wide spaces. Also called a forward-through wall pack light, its polycarbonate lens is shaped with a sloped angle to give the traditional boxed shape and make the dual angle shine possible.

  • 0-10V Dimming

If you plan on using a smart system in your building, you can take advantage of the dimmable driver. Dimming the LED wall pack light is useful in situations when there’s no activity. So, by setting up a low-output standby mode, you’ll save you even more on your energy bill while adding smooth transitions to full brightness when activity detected.

The benefits of LED wall pack lights:

  • Superior illumination

The LED wall pack lights series combines high efficiency, precision-engineered optics in a low-profile, cost-effective design.

  • Reliability and long life

The LED wall pack light available in three housing sizes, the Bbier wall pack lights series provide up to 95 percent in energy and maintenance savings.

  • Ease of installation

Most LED wall pack lights are built with contractor-friendly installation features such as a universal back box and secure lock hinge.

  • Wide temperature

The LED Series wall pack light is suitable for use in operating temperatures of -22˚F (-30˚C) to 104˚F (40˚C).

What do I look out for when buying wall pack light ?

  1. Damp/Wet Location Rated

This is arguably the most important aspect when shopping for wall pack lights. Since these lights are meant for outdoor use, you need to make sure it can keep water and dust out. Does it have an IP rating? Is it UL/cUL/ETL listed for wet locations? Look for these distinctions when finding the right LED wall pack light for your building.

2. Brightness

The measure of brightness is lumen. Regardless, you’ll need to look at the lumens when shopping for brightness. The bigger the area you need to illuminate, the brighter the fixture must be.

3. Photocell

Does your LED wall pack light have a photocell? This module automates the on/off functionality; it’ll only turn on at night when it’s dark and shuts it off when light is detected. A photocell saves you money on your bill and the hassle of turning your wall pack light on and off manually.

4. Motion Sensor

Depending on how you want to use it, you might want a motion sensor built into your light. Like a photocell, it mechanizes the on/off functionality and saves you money on your power bill while preserving the LED wall pack’s longevity. It will also provide safety to your premises. The difference is it detects movement as instead of the presence of light.

How much energy am I saving?

Traditional wall pack lights use metal halide lighting and comparatively, they rank poorly against LED lighting. MH wall pack lights are highly inefficient because they lose about 30% of its lumens within the reflector. Moreover, most of their output is wasted as heat. Lastly, metal halide wall packs will flicker as they reach the end of their operating life, resulting in eye discomfort. LED wall packs bypass these issues and run at a comparatively low wattage. They have a 130 lm/W efficacy, meaning it has a high brightness to wattage ratio. In turn, you’ll enjoy long term savings like lower electricity bills and long fixture lifespan.

Plan While Choosing Fixtures
Understand the outdoor space and take measurements before choosing the fixtures for adding wall lighting.

  • Size

Don’t go for something that is too large or too small, as it won’t fit the lights properly.

  • Quality

Good fixtures are made of high-quality and weather-resistant materials, and you should count on them always. Don’t cut corners here, they are not easy to replace and the loss of light will be a proble.

  • Colors of fixtures- keep it consistent. 

All black or all white, go with one. Dark Bronze is beautiful . . . until its mixed with white.

  • Color of light

Choose a kelvin that makes sense for your space. Bright white 5000K has a different feel than 3000K warm white light.

How high do I mount my LED wall pack light?

Your mounting height should be based on how bright your LED wall pack light is. You don’t want a fixture that’s meant to light up a loading dock right above your door! The brighter the wall pack, the higher you mount it. The 40W wall pack has a 5000 lm output, which is enough to light up doorways. At 60W/80W, you’ll get an output of 7500 and 10000 lumens respectively, capable of lighting up garage door ports. A 120W unit yields 15600 lumens, which can light up loading docks.


Have more questions about our LED wall pack light? Want to learn more about our Led wall pack lights? Please contact us at (1) 631-746-7627 or send us an email info@bbier.com. We regularly write posts and tips to help you make informed purchasing decisions. See you in the next article!

The LED wall pack light guide you need to know