Outdoor solar lawn lights as one of main members among LED lights family, It plays an important role in our daily life. So, what kind of benefits it brings in our life.

First of all, let’s clear the features of outdoor solar lawn lights

  1. Convenient installation: outdoor solar lawn lights use solar power, no need to erect or embedded transmission lines, simple construction, It will save lots of time and no other material cost of previous work (erect or embedded transmission lines) low construction cost.
  2. High brightness: Mostof outdoor solar lawn lights use led light sources, with high brightness and long life.
  3. High efficiency and energy saving: solar lawn lights use mono-crystallinesilicon or poly-crystalline silicon solar cell components as the power generation system, special storage batteries, In this way, there is no ordinary energy consumption continuous lighting for 3 to 5 days in rainy days. So there is no limitation of weather to outdoor solar lawn lights.
  4. High safety: The solar lawn lamp is a low-voltage product with a safe voltage, Normally, outdoor solar lawn lights has 1-2W around.It can protect children, pedestrians and animals effectively.
  5. Long life: The overall life of the outdoor solar lawn lights are more than 20 years. It adopts the high-transmitting glass lamination process, and the life of all accessories is consistent. The unique energy-saving design makes the battery life longer than conventional technology by 2 to 3 times.
  6. The lamp bodyof outdoor solar lawn lights adopt high-strength structural design, which is waterproof, wind-resistant, and has high strength against external forces.
  7. Automatic control: The switch of the outdoor solar lawn lights adopt sunlight light induction control, that is, the light control function, which automatically reduces the output power of the light source and saves electricity when there are few pedestrians at night.

With above features of outdoor solar lawn lights, it has widely applications. Here are something about it.

  1. The light of the outdoor solar lawn lights is relatively soft, and now with the continuous follow-up of the design and continuous improvement of people’s needs, the current design has many of shapes and they are more ideal. It can play a good decorative role during the day and can give people beauty. With the most unique design and the softest lighting, the outdoor solar lawn lights add a lot of safety and beauty to lots of green landscapes in the city, and its installation process is very simple, easy to install, and outdoor solar lawn lights has a good decorative effect. There are many applications of outdoor solar lawn lights, and they are usually used around lawns such as parks and garden villas.
  2. This outdoor solar lawn lights also has the function of automatic alarm, which can play a more ideal role in preventing theft and protect people’s lives and property.
  3. Some outdoor solar lawn lights have been designed into very unique shapes of small animals or plants, placed on the lawn, just like sculptures, they are very beautiful and generous, and it have brought us a lot of benefits. Choosing to install and use lawn lights will bring people an ideal decorative effect.
  4. There are also some outdoor solar lawn lights that use unique germicidal light waves, which can kill harmful bacteria to the human body, and it can be equipped with special bionic inducers to enhance the effect of attracting mosquitoes.

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