LED lighting Disadvantages:
1.LED light life

This is mainly because there is no unified LED light standard in China at present, and there are many LED light manufacturers with uneven production quality. LED lamps that have been publicized for 10 years are likely to fail within one year. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the seller with your own factory rather than the middleman when choosing LED lights.

For example, homedepot, amazon, alibaba, walmart, ebay, etc., none of these platforms has their own factories, they are just middlemen, so you should carefully consider these details when choosing to buy lamps to avoid unnecessary losses.

2.LED heat dissipation

This is probably the biggest problem LED lights are facing. At present, the heat dissipation of LED lamps is very passive. It mainly uses the heat generated by the combination of LED chips in the LED lamp, and then conducts heat through the heat sink.

Passive air cooling is mainly used for heat dissipation. Therefore, the heat dissipation design of LED lamps is very important, and it is also the focus of scientific research investment of some LED lamp companies. However, the current LED shanzhai lamps often have no actual effect, only shape. Therefore, heat dissipation has become an important factor to measure the quality of lamps.

3.LED light weight

You may find that many manufacturers pay more attention to the promotion of their LED lamp cooling materials when purchasing the quantity, and the promotional materials are just two key points, one is how the materials themselves are, and the other is weighing.

The weight of LED lamp is a great test for lamp holder. Because the previous energy-saving lamp has no heat dissipation device, it is relatively light. The weight of the energy-saving lamp has little influence on the lamp holder, but the LED lamp is different.

It has heat dissipation problem, so we must consider the influence of this weight on the lamp holder. At present, the weight of heat dissipation and heat dissipation materials shall be considered for LED lamps. This is a dilemma. The only thing we can do is find their balance.

Therefore, we can also take the weight as the purchase standard of LED lights. If the cooling material is not qualified, its LED light will usually be brighter, but this is not a good standard. So I suggest you buy reliable LED lights.

4. Although the light attenuation of led lamps is low, it is basically high-power led lamps, while the light attenuation of low-power led lamps is relatively large.

5. The light color of LED lamp is white. Due to the individual defects in the manufacturing process and the matching error of the lens, it is easy to form a yellow circle when using, which affects the lighting effect.

6. LED light Price

The so-called “fish and bear’s paw” cannot have both. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Consumers only need to choose more cost-effective equipment according to their actual needs. For example, some spaces (balconies, bathrooms) in the home are not often used, or the lamps do not need to be lit for a long time.

You can use cheaper LED Corn Light Bulbs.

LED lamps are high-frequency lamps used in our daily life, whether for home lighting or commercial lighting. Or as the main lighting, or as the light source of the flower lamp, Led lamps also have its advantages:

1. In addition to its long service life, LED also has the advantage of power saving. General LED headlights can provide continuous lighting for tens of hours or even more than 100 hours, which is like a permanent light compared with incandescent lights for a few hours.

2. LED lamps are designed in the form of secondary optics. We can make the lighting efficiency higher by shining the light of LED lamps into the required lighting area. Therefore, we are willing to use LED lamps in many places.

3. The light attenuation of led lamps is very small, and their service life is very long. after 10 years of use, led lamps still have a high use value.

4. The led of led lamps is a low-voltage device, which is safe to use, especially in public places.

5. The service life of led lamps is very long, it can use more than 50000 hours.

6. The light source of led lamps is unidirectional, without diffuse reflection, which can ensure the efficiency of lighting.