UFO high bay LED is a cost-effective solution that can replace MH, HID or HPS bulbs. Upgrading MH, HID or HPS bulbs to our ufo led high bay lights can save a lot of electricity bills and improve visibility. Our ufo led high bay light is composed of cast aluminum heat sink with excellent heat dissipation, high quality Lumileds LED and UL certified power supply, which can ensure high performance of more than 50,000 hours.

This ufo lamp is IP65 waterproof, which can ensure safe operation even in humid places. Our ufo led high bay lights are very suitable for industrial and commercial lighting in warehouses, workshops, factories, parking lots, garages, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums, etc. It must be easily installed on site before we can do it. These UFO high bay LEDs come with mounting hooks or brackets, making modification and installation almost as effective as the light itself. Bbier Lighting’s ufo high bay LED power ranges from 100w to 300w, and provides a variety of lighting levels from 13,000 to 39,000 lumens. The voltage range of these ufo lamps is 120-277V and 347-480V. The 150-watt ufo lamp has 19,500 lumens output, which replaces the 400-watt MH/HPS and can cut electricity bills by up to 80%. With 0-10V dimmable driver, our ufo led high bay light allows you to control the brightness of the entire space and save energy.

ufo led high bay lights are specially designed to work in the extreme temperature range of 45°C to -40°C. These UFO high bay LED ETL and DLC have been used in the US and Canadian markets, and CE ROHS is listed in the European market and provides a five-year warranty. Our ufo lamps can provide emergency supplies in case of emergency. When the AC power supply fails, the ufo led high bay light will automatically switch to emergency mode and keep the LED load illuminated for at least 90 minutes with a reduced lumen output. During this period, the indicator light will flash slowly. After the AC power is restored, it will return to charging mode, and the indicator light will stay on.

Equipping your warehouse or workshop with a suitable UFO high-bay belt will obviously make it more comfortable and relaxed at work. More information about the ufo led high bay lights or other products we provide? Please call 0086-18938035382 or contact us immediately.