Outdoor lighting market

According to the analysis, driven by urbanization, night travel economy booming growth and other factors, outdoor lighting market in the past two years rose well.It is predicted that as urbanization continues and LED technology continues to mature, China's outdoor lighting market demand will continue to grow rapidly in 2020, with the scale approaching 38.5 billion yuan.Plant lighting market,Nearly two years, the Netherlands, Japan and other places began to rise the word "vertical farm".It can effectively grow crops in skyscrapers using technology that simulates the water, sunlight and temperature that crops need to grow.Importantly, it has leveraged the LED plant lighting

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LED Post Top Light Fixture

The DLC certificate of LED Post Top Light Fixture Glad to inform you that our all the wattage LED Post Top Light are available with DLC . Pls check the DLC certificate as below: (4100k and 5700k also have certificate, if you need more detail, feel free to contact our sales. ) What’s DLC? The full name of DLC is “The Design Lights Consortium”, a voluntary energy efficiency program sponsored by Consortium of utilities and regional energy efficiency agencies. Leading in the certification of quality and performance of energy efficient lighting. The logo of DLC means the product has been tested.

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Application prospects of full-spectrum LED for health lighting

The application and research of visible light full-spectrum LED in the lighting field has become a hot spot, and health lighting has also received more and more consumers' attention and cognition. This paper focuses on the quality of light color, human physiological rhythm response and light biosecurity of health lighting.In the lighting industry cluster and the place where the full-spectrum group standard is issued, through the enterprise visit, sample collection and application investigation, the data comparison and analysis and evaluation conclusions are made, and the positive prospect of full-spectrum LED in healthy lighting is prospected.Human lighting has gone through a

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Notes On The Use Of LED Corn Lamps

Led corn light, for example, more than common led corn light point light source, integrated light source, the same power leds multiple point light source and integrated light source in appearance, the structure of the heat dissipation, light curve and the actual photosynthetic efficiency is different, the application of the place also has the difference, the designer can choose different according to different applications and design style of led lamps and lanterns 1 color temperature must be consistent, and to be stable, high temperature for a long time will not change color.The color temperature of traditional halogen music is 2700K.

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Bbierled led led lighting applications

It is not uncommon to see the use of light guiding lighting system in basements, garages, stadiums, offices and other places.Try to introduce it to canteens and restaurants and try it too.Before this, wuhan general motors base canteen used bbierled led led lighting system.During the day, the restaurant collects natural light directly and introduces internal lighting.From dawn to dusk, cloudy days, rainy days, haze days and other severe weather, the system can still bring enough light without consuming energy, lighting and lighting on average 10-12 hours a day.In the evening, the LED lamps installed in the system all use municipal

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3 Common Benefits to Use LED Light Post Top Light

LED post top lights are ideal for streetscapes, parks, green spaces and campuses if you want to lit a large space on outdoor lighting,this product has many advantages,can meet your needs.Here are 3 Common Benefits to Usen LED Light Post Top Light. Easy to Install & Quality Certified: This LED Post Top Light are DLC,ETL certified,Fit for 2.44inch OD tenon & 3 inch pole. Come with 1* led area post lamps,3 * Poles,1* mount, 1* User Manual and sufficient mounting screws. Energy Savings: This Post Top lights fixture have 120°beam angle,130lm/w SMD 3030 LED chips, total 13,000 lumen, Wattages range

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Intelligently controlled street lamps are popular in Jamaica

About 65,000 street lamps have been replaced by leds since 2019, and the company plans to replace another 25,000 by 2020, with the installation expected to be completed by 2021, JPS said.Compared with traditional street lamps, the upgraded LED street lamps are more energy efficient and provide better lighting.At the same time, smart controllers provide remote control and monitoring, so maintenance is more efficient.The scheme, which began in 2017, is being implemented under a joint arrangement between the Jamaican government and the JPS to help reduce monthly bills.The average municipal bill is $280m a month, or $2.6bn a year.In June

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Best UFO high bay led for Your Warehouse and Workshop

UFO high bay led is a cost-efficient solution and great replacement for MH, HID or HPS Bulbs. Upgrading MH, HID or HPS bulbs to our ufo led high bay light can save you a lot of electricity bill and improve your visibility. Constructed of dia-casting aluminum heat sink with excellent heat dissipation, high quality Lumileds LEDs and UL listed power supply, our ufo led high bay light ensure high performance for more than 50,000 hours. This ufo light fixture is IP65 waterproof ensures safe operation even in wet locations. Our ufo led high bay light is ideal for both industrial and commercial lighting in warehouse, workshops,factory, parking garages, supermakets, exhibition halls, stadiums,

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Shenzhen bbierled lighting design concept

In my opinion, the lighting design of historic buildings should adhere to two aspects: awe and caution.In the past few years, the booming demand for urban landscape lighting has led to the rapid growth of the industry.The speed is so fast that people have no time to think about the real positioning of the city, to explore the inner cultural core, and to think about the overall planning direction.In this state of rapid development, high brightness, multi-color, strong dynamic has become the new normal of large scale night lighting in many cities.However, too high brightness, too rich color, too strong

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Solar Post Top Light Feedback

The solar lamp post is also known as solar street light, solar outdoor post lights , Pole top led fixtures, solar light standard or solar lamp standard. It is fixed on top of a highly raised pole. It illuminates the path to help the passing by people to be able to see their way clearly. The solar Post top lights outdoor is a lighting system composed of a battery, charge controller, inverter, an LED lamp and a solar panel. Led solar post top lantern is easier to install and maintain as it is portable and wireless. It lacks electricity costs and

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