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Full Equipped Commercial Lighting Solutions for sport fields, stadiums, streets, warehouses, parking lot, gas station, plant growing, work areas, hazardous areas.

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Why Choose BBIER®

Bbier®, leading commercial LED lighting supplier & manufacturer & factory, we supply and customize a variety of commercial LED lighting fixtures. We have over 13 years of commercial lighting R&D experience, 50+ LED lights patents, 200+ LED lights certifications, support OEM & ODM, 5 years Warranty.

BBIER has a factory in Shenzhen, China. The factory area is about 10,000 square meters, owning nearly 300 employees and engineers and complete testing equipments: SMD Mounter Machine, Multimeter, Integrating sphere, Power testing Machine, Hot Welding machine, Photometer testing machine, Aging test EQP, Heak sink test EQP, LED IES EQP, IP68 EQP, Drop test EQP, Driver test EQP, EMC test EQP, etc. With strong production capacity and customization ability, can produce 3000pcs to 5000pcs LED lamp a day. BBIER also has a local warehouse in California USA which provides more convenient and fast shipping services for American customers.

High-performance & High-tech radiator aluminum shell, better heat dissipation ensures longer life and safety of commercial lighting. Top quality and energy efficiency, replace existing traditional light fixtures, reduce electricity bills by up to 75%, eliminate the need for frequent light fixture replacements, and last over 50,000 hours of use.

5 years UNLIMITED warranty and professional service - All commercial led lighting fixtures with 7 days free returns and 5 years warranty. Insist on putting products and customers first! If you have any questions about commercial led lighting fixtures selection, installation, after-sales, etc., just leave us a message, and we will make lighting layout requirements according to your needs.

Research shows that lighting has a great impact on job performance, so when deciding to choose lighting for your commercial space, the product you buy must be the right choice for your application. Our professional team has experience in commercial led lighting space of various sizes; From large stadiums and manufacturing facilities to small businesses, municipal buildings, and everything in between. With our wide selection of LED commercial lighting, we have products suitable for various budgets, and our professionals can help you find it.

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