Here are some words for sharing customer feedback:

1. LED pole top area lamps, certified by DLC ETL, 5 years warranty.

2. The regional series adopts a unique design and can provide high-performance solutions for the most demanding applications. With different precision refractive optical lenses and easy-to-install design, it can be used in many applications, such as pedestrian streets, factories, schools, gardens, courtyards, hotels, parking lots, parks, etc.

3. By using our 30W and 50W area lights instead of 100w-200w metal halide bulbs for campus lighting fixtures, customers can now save a lot of electricity bills every month.

4. At the beginning of the project, the customer worried that replacing the light in the top rear area would consume more power, and the Tenon Pole Adapter of the light was not suitable for his pole. Which wattage is better for this project, the price is low, and considering the transportation cost from China, etc.

Reply to customer feedback:

The service life of Led Pole top Area lamps exceeds 50,000 hours, which can save 60-70% of energy consumption. This reduces maintenance workload and reduces usage and maintenance costs.
We have two pillar top area lights with an inner diameter of 62mm/78mm. If the customer does not specify the requirements, the inner diameter defaults to 62mm. It depends on the customer. In order to avoid high tariffs and freight issues, we have already prepared 30W 50W 75W 100W led pole top area lamps, and welcome your order.

LED pole top lights do not emit any infrared or ultraviolet light. It is used on campus, roadside, apartment garden, and will not harm the human body. In addition, Led Pole top area lamps comply with CE ROHS ETL standards, which means that LEDs do not contain any harmful substances, such as cadmium. If a metal halide lamp is used, the cadmium content is high and it emits ultraviolet light. The environment is not friendly. LED is still an ideal choice for environmental protection.