UFO High Bay light fixtures are tough, lightweight, and ideal for business spaces. Select LumeGen models accompany worked moving sensors with a discretionary distant that offers unlimited oversight for the client.

Searching for an advanced LED light fixture for a roomy business setting? Investigate our UFO High Bay light fixtures and the accessible elements to truly make your space sparkle!

What is a UFO High Bay Fixture?

UFO High Bay fixture give a smooth special appearance while giving a splendid light that is ideal for business spaces. These light fixture are astounding for roomy regions like production lines and stockrooms. They additionally offer toughness, as they are residue and water-tight and can be utilized in soggy areas. Some might be sling or pendant mounted.

BBier UFO High Bay lights accompany magnificent elements. They offer the advantages of LED lighting rather than conventional metal halide lights. They emanate a fresh splendid light, and they are without mercury and better for the climate. These lights are superiorly energy effective, delivering more lumens while devouring less energy, eventually saving money on your electric bill. Also, with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, you can bid farewell to evolving bulbs! Select models can be darkened between 0-10 volts, permitting you to pick the suitable measure of light for your space. BBier offers discretionary optical focal points and aluminum reflectors for certain models, also. Their huge 100+ degree shaft points (contingent upon the model) consider phenomenal light scattering. Additionally, partake in a long term guarantee on most Bbier models!

200 Watt, 120° Beam Angle; 27,260 Lumens, 4th Gen by LumeGen (left); 240 Watt, 110° Beam Angle; 36,000 Lumens,Dimmable, 4th Gen by LumeGen (right)

Customizing your built-in motion sensors

Another interesting element accessible in select BBier UFO High Bay fixtures, like this model, is the consideration of a movement sensor. No seriously flipping light switches! At the point when movement is distinguished, the lights will naturally turn on. After a specific length of idleness, the lights will then, at that point faint and at last mood killer.

Bbier offers an optional remote that permits you to be in finished control of your UFO High Bay lights. Here are the different settings that you can customize:

Identification range:

Manually select the discovery range, including settings of 25, 50, 75, and 100%. As you increase the identification range, the light will be set off on with movement further a lot away from the apparatus.

Hold time:

How long your light fixtures will stay on in any event, when no movement is recognized. Browse settings of 5 seconds as long as 30 minutes.

Reserve darkening level:

When the light doesn’t identify movement, they will consequently diminish, giving low light while saving more on your electric bill. Physically select a darkening level from 10% to 50%.

Reserve period:

After you select a darkening level, you can pick how long your lights will stay diminished prior to winding down. Look over a scope of 0 seconds to 30 minutes. You may likewise choose “boundless,” which means the lights will remain diminished and not turn off naturally on the off chance that you incline toward consistent lighting in your space.

Daylight sensor:

This is a brilliant element that will likewise save money on your electric bill! Physically set a lux esteem inside the scope of 2 to 120 lux. This sensor decides the measure of surrounding light in your space, and will turn the lights on if the encompassing light has a lower lux esteem than your prearranged setting. In any case, if the surrounding light is higher than the prearranged lux esteem, the lights will remain off regardless of whether movement is identified. You may likewise impair the light sensor whenever wanted.

Scene mode:

These are the yellow catches named SC1 through SC4. These catches address four unique prearranged settings. You can see these settings in the table beneath. These choices give a quicker alternative than programming every individual setting all alone.

UFO High Bay Sensor Remote by BBier (left); Table of scene mode settings, adjusted from bbier instructive video found underneath (right)

More data on these items and how they work can be found on the item pages, just as this remote guide and sensor guide.

BBier UFO High Bay light installations are solid yet lightweight, high voltage apparatuses that offer flexibility and unlimited authority for the client. With astute choices including movement recognition and sunshine sensors, they will set aside you cash and produce a magnificent lighting climate!

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Picking the best lighting for a home may not generally be that critical. However entrepreneurs realize that track down the most ideal UFO high straight LED lights. Obviously, LED lights are a long way from the solitary choice with regards to UFO high inlet lighting – there are numerous other modern lighting advances out there – yet LED lights have immediately turned into the most famous decision. Furthermore, as it should be, there are practically innumerable motivations to pick LED lighting over whatever else for your modern lighting needs – they fire up quicker, they last any longer, they burn-through less power, they are less helpless to lumen devaluation, they are fundamentally simpler to use with movement/inhabitance sensors for darkening, etc.

Regardless of whether we disregard a large portion of these advantages, in any case, and spotlight simply on the energy-saving part of UFO high sound LED lights, the contrast among them and non-LED lighting is faltering. A decent UFO high straight LED light can cut the energy utilization of a stockroom or a parking garage by 3 or multiple times. At times – considerably more. The bigger your property is and the really lighting you need, the more huge this distinction becomes.

With no genuine contests, LED lights are plainly the best approach however how would you approach getting them? Certainly, likewise with some other item bunch, there are various sorts and quality UFO high bay LED lights? Indeed, yes there are. Similarly as with any remaining items, the UFO LED lights you will experience available will go from Top quality astonishing ones to disappointing ones that will generally be an exercise in futility and cash.

Main Features of Our UFO LED High Bay Light

Varied Series

We have distinctive series of LED high bay lighting for you to pick . You can browse the accompanying series: UFO LED high bay light,motion sensor LED high bay light,E40 LED high bay light and LED straight high sound light.


Wasteful incandescence and fluorescent contain mercury. With the LED lights,now you don’t need to pick them. Our LED high sound and low bay lighting is protected, harmless to the ecosystem and contains no poisonous mercury. Our LED high sound lights utilize just 10%-45% energy to customary lights. As we know,consuming less energy brings about less ozone harming substance outflows being delivered into our current circumstance. That is the reason LED lighting is the most Eco-accommodating lighting arrangements.

High Efficiency

We plan all our indoor and open air LED high narrows lighting with SMD 3030 LED chips. This will ensure that our LED high straight light has high lumens which is more than 130lm/w. That is 3-8 times to customary lights. Utilizing our LED distribution center lighting will help you and your customers to save more energy and cost.

Lovely appearance

With our expert specialized group, we plan our LED high inlet lights with the most attractive appearance. Driven lighting is the most gorgeous lighting arrangements. They enlighten individuals and environmental factors in shading rich light. Our LED high straight lighting are intended to mix consistently with any engineering. Also,the exclusive diffusing focal point and reflector framework conveys an ideal light dissemination.

Long Life-range

We utilize excellent LED driver with our LED high inlet and low bay lighting . Likewise we use innovative cooling innovation with the warmth sink of every one of our lights. This will guarantee our LED lighting with 50,000 life expectancy. Do you realize what’s the significance here? In the event that you ran one LED light for 6 hours out of each day, it would keep going for almost 23 years. So you or your customers may never change one more light inside 23 years.

Simple to introduce

Our LED high straight and low sound lighting accompanies customization installation. You can situate the LED high straight lights in practically any plot for some, mounting positions.