Wall lighting is the perfect addition to any room, a great way to make a space feel more inviting and complete, and a key component of any layered lighting scheme.

Wall lighting makes a room feel brighter and larger while creating a pleasing atmosphere. Wall-mounted fixtures balance overhead light sources and add that little something extra to round out the decoration. They are a great way to literally make a house feel like a home.

What is a wall lighting? What is the difference between a sconce and a wall lamp?

The terms “wall light” and “wall sconces” are often used interchangeably and essentially mean the same thing – a lamp that is mounted on a wall.

If we were to go into the technical details, where a wall light differs from a sconce is in its make – its light source is usually covered, typically by glass.

However, lights are rarely categorized based on these technical differences. Today’s lighting designers and manufacturers usually club sconces and wall lamps together.

What room is the best place for a wall sconce?

Wall sconces are very versatile fixtures that can look and perform well in almost any room in the house.

Install wall sconces in the hallway, stairway, bathroom, bedroom/bedside, dining room, living room, entry, flanking a fireplace, or in the basement.

Should I have wall lighting?

Yes, adding wall lamps to your home decoration is a good idea.

Wall lights or sconces can add a fantastic layer of lighting to your ambiance, whether you wish to install them indoors or outdoors.

Modern wall lights can elevate the lighting design and decoration of any interior space, while also providing effective illumination in terms of ambient lighting, accent lighting or general lighting.

When installed on the exterior walls, porch, deck, patio or driveways, wall sconces stand out as decorative pieces while also providing soft illumination post sunset.

How and where to use wall sconces?

While you can let your imagination and creativity take over when it comes to figuring out where you want to install wall lights, the general consensus and design thinking dictates that certain types of wall sconces are to be used for specific purposes.

For example, a picture light is typically used for highlighting a portrait, painting or piece of art that is hung on the wall. Similarly, sconces that provide uplighting are generally preferred as the primary or secondary source of illumination in driveways, porches, stairways, entryways, hallways, corridors or large dining/living rooms.

You will also find some wall sconces that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of a particular room. The WireRing lamp, for instance, is apt for ultramodern living rooms or swanky office cabins.

How do you install wall sconces?

Some wall lights are fairly simple to install while some others may have a really complex assembly and installation process. While you will get an exhaustive user manual or installation guide from the manufacturer or seller, it is recommended that you get the lamp installed with the help of a lighting professional. Would you rather rack your brains on which wire goes where than call an expert and get it done quickly and efficiently?

At what height should a wall lighting be? How far apart should wall sconces be?

When you talk about wall sconces as a series of wall lamps, it is important that you make sure they are placed and installed at equidistant points.

How far from each other they should be would largely depend upon the size of the room/wall and the kind of effect you wish to achieve. In terms of the mounting height, remember that upward-facing sconces should be approximately 20 inches from the ceiling.

Since they are throwing light upwards, such lamps can accentuate the beauty of a false ceiling or designer ceiling. For bedside sconces, make sure that the wall light is at eye level when you sit on the bed.

For smaller designs (generally used in bathrooms next to the mirror), they should be mounted according to the user’s height.

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