Solar lamp post top  is a much more attractive way to offer outdoor lighting. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional lamp post lights, consider Solar Lamp Post Top that are powered by the sun. As the danger of environmental change is gaining more extensive appreciation at various levels, the progress to sustainable power sources is going on at a lot quicker pace than any time in recent memory. One of the most broadly utilized sustainable power sources is sunlight based energy.

Aside from controlling houses and workplaces utilizing sun based PV modules, sun oriented energy is additionally viable as an outside lighting arrangement. In this article, we will discuss one such lighting arrangement, to be specific, Solar Lamp Post Top.

Customary post top light use power produced utilizing regular sources to work. Albeit new, energy-accommodating advances like LED bulbs, have made streetlamps greater climate well disposed, they have not finished their dependence on regular energy. Solar Lamp Post Top, then again, are fitted with sun powered chargers and batteries, and it utilizes the energy caught from daylight to work. Along these lines, it closes reliance on traditional energy sources, prompting extreme cuts concerning fossil fuel byproducts.

In any case, picking a Solar Lamp Post Top may be an interesting undertaking. Not exclusively are there such a large number of brands and items to browse, however they likewise contrast concerning the specs, highlights, power appraisals, cost, etc.

Consequently, in this article, we will assist you with picking the best Solar Lamp Post Top on the lookout. We will survey the absolute best Solar Lamp Post Top that are accessible in India, and furthermore list down every one of the significant variables that one should search for while purchasing a Solar Lamp Post Top.

Consistently, bug birds make a huge number of dollars in harm sunlight powered chargers. Over the long run, bird homes, droppings and trash can make impressive harm sun powered chargers. Whenever birds assemble homes under sunlight based chargers, they draw in different bugs, like squirrels and rodents.

These critters can bite through a sunlight based charger’s electrical wiring, which might lead shorts and roof fires. Moreover, honey bees, wasps and different bugs have been known to construct their hives under sunlight powered chargers. At last, bird homes and droppings can hold onto any of 60 infections — like encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, even the West Nile infection.

Preferred Bird Control Strategies for Solar Lamp Post Top

The most ideal way to resolve the issue of birds and critters under sunlight powered chargers is to introduce viable and others conscious hindrances. In a perfect world, this ought to be done when sunlight powered chargers are first introduced, or in any event before bug birds show up.

Most sunlight based charger project workers as of now approach exceptional instruments and lift hardware, so it is both improved and efficient to introduce obstructions at this stage. A proactive methodology can get bug birds and critters far from sunlight based chargers before they get comfortable to perch and home.

The following best strategy is to dissuade birds when they’re taken note. Delays in executing bird controls will just permit birds to accumulate in more prominent numbers, making their evacuation and cleanups more troublesome.

Bird controls most frequently suggested for the Solar Lamp Post Top include:

Bird B Gone’s Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit

Explicitly intended to get birds and critters far from sunlight based chargers, this unit incorporates a climate safe lattice that successfully impedes bug birds from settling or perching under the boards. Establishment is an easy task, because of uncommonly planned cuts that won’t scratch or influence the honesty of the sunlight based chargers.

There’s no boring, and the lattice is basically undetectable when introduced. Denied admittance under the boards, birds will essentially continue on, forestalling harm to wiring under and keeping the highest points of boards liberated from droppings that can corrupt the boards’ productivity.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Ideal for keeping birds off basically any primary surface, these bird spikes come in 1-, 3-, 5-and 8-inch spread widths to give progressively more extensive areas of insurance. The tough spiked strips highlight a licensed “curve and-smash” plan, and that implies the spikes are immovably inserted in a solid UV-safeguarded polycarbonate base. This adaptable base twists an entire 360 degrees, so it can without much of a stretch “follow” an assortment of bended mounting surfaces.

Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic

This gadget emanates pre-recorded trouble and hunter calls that threaten upwards of 22 types of birds. Ideal for dissuading birds from grand, difficult to arrive at regions — like roofs. The gadget is water safe, programmable, and accompanies an implicit speaker that will conceal to a section of land. Since it’s sun based controlled, no AC access is required, so it tends to be put any place bug birds accumulate most frequently.


Factors To Look For While Buying A Solar Lamp Post Top

1.Type Of Solar Lamp Post Top

Solar Lamp Post Top can be classified into two types – All in One Solar Lamp Post Top and Integrated Solar Lamp Post Top.
The All in One sun powered streetlamps have a reduced plan and arrived in a cutting edge structure factor. It houses sunlight based chargers, charge regulator, battery and LED inside a solitary unit. These sun oriented streetlamps are typically fitted with movement control sensors and they naturally switch on in the evening.

The movement control sensors utilize infrared waves to recognize any development that occurs beneath the streetlamp. Whenever there is a development, the light lights up to offer its most extreme splendor, and in times, when there is no movement, the light lights up just to 10-20 percent of its brilliance. Along these lines, the movement sensor guarantees a more significant level of effectiveness and expands the working hours of the streetlamp. It additionally expands the life span of the light.

Incorporated sun oriented streetlamps, otherwise called split sun powered streetlamps, accompany a different sunlight based charger unit , while the battery and the light are coordinated into a solitary unit. These sun oriented streetlamps don’t accompany movement discovery sensors. Nonetheless, there are two various types to look over.

The main kind offers a 100% splendor from nightfall to day break, though the subsequent kind offers 100% brilliance during the initial four hours, and afterward brings down the level until dawn. In this article, we have remembered both for one and coordinated sun powered streetlamps in our rundown of the best sun based streetlamps on the lookout.

2.Area To Be Illuminated

The region to be enlightened is quite possibly the main thought to make while purchasing a Solar Lamp Post Top. This will rely upon your prerequisites, for example, whether you need a streetlamp for a thin road, or a wide road. Sun based streetlamps are not just intended to be utilized for enlightening the roads, yet additionally for public road lighting, park lighting, walkway lighting, homestead and farm lighting, edge security lighting, dock lighting, fence lighting, and private property lighting.

For the best outcomes, it is prompted that you ought to keep a post separation of 10 to 15 meters, so there is an adequate appropriation of lights. Furthermore, ensure that the region where you are introducing the light gets adequate daylight, and isn’t covered with tall structures and parts of trees.

3.Battery Life

This is perhaps the main element influencing the presentation of a sunlight based streetlamp. While buying a sun based streetlamp, ensure that the item utilizes a lithium particle battery with a decent limit. Further, focus on the sort of batteries utilized. SMF batteries are generally awful and they should be stayed away from. The most ideal choice is to go for a sun based streetlamp that includes a LiFePO4 battery. In any case, absolutely adhere to the Lithium particle batteries.

4.Water Proof

Since Solar Lamp Post Top are generally positioned outside, it is typical for them to confront cruel atmospheric conditions. Something that influence any electrical hardware is downpour. Consequently, ensure that the sunlight based streetlamp you are purchasing is waterproof.

As a rule, there are three sorts of waterproof accreditation norms accessible for sun based streetlamps. They are shown by their IP rating. An IP55 evaluated item offers security against residue and water jets projected by a spout of 6.3 mm. IP65 appraised items, then again, can safeguard themselves against a wide range of water jets. An IP66 appraised item can safeguard itself against strong water jets and IP67 evaluated items can safeguard against submerged submersion up to 1 m profundity.


Solar Lamp Post Top are an imaginative item, as they help in lessening fossil fuel byproducts and society’s reliance on non-sustainable power sources. Nonetheless, purchasing a Solar Lamp Post Top can be a piece precarious, given the wide scope of choices on the lookout, and the multitudinous specialized particulars to consider.

Hence, in this article, we furnished you with a point by point purchasers’ aide for Solar Lamp Post Top, so you can pick the best Solar Lamp Post Top, as indicated by your inclinations and requirements.