If you have been to Costco or a conference center, you may have set your eyes on the ufo led high bays lighting overhead. They are one of the most common lamps you see.As their relatively small size and easy installation,  Although they are extremely bright, they produce a uniform light distribution and spread to reduce glare. Here are some quick facts about BBIER ufo led high bays lighting:

  • 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W,300w,320w
  • 11000 – 31200 lumens
  • 2700K-6500K white
  • 60° 90° 120° Beam Angle
  • 100-277V/200-480VAC working voltage
  • Using impact-resistant aluminum body and glass shield

Here are more other details about ufo led high bays lighting, you may have no idea on them.


1,Ufo led high bays lighting have the same basic advantages with linear high bay lights, including dimming ability, long service life and high application.

2,Using Lutron Diva 0-10V dimmer switch to reduce UFO high bay lighting output and energy consumption. For example 450W, we recommend connecting up to three 100W lamps, two 150W lamps, etc. You need to maintain a buffer between the wattage dimmer capacity and combined wattage of the ufo led high bays lighting to prevent voltage spikes, which may burn the dimmer or fixtures.

3,The service life of UFO LED high bay light is 50,000 hours,Because of the efficient LED dissipate heat technology and the external built-in LED driver.

Fix the UFO LED high shelf in any high-ceiling industrial or commercial building, such as:


distribution center

Manufacturing facility

Member Warehouse Club

Aircraft hangar


A mirror will allow us to optimize the beam angle of the UFO’s high bay and concentrate light output. The beam angle you need will also determine the appearance of the luminaire. The fixed aluminum reflector can provide you with a beam angle of 100° while maintaining the smooth appearance of the UFO high bay. Using different polycarbonate lens can reach different beam angle.

Alternative installation

The attached hook can help us to install the ufo led high bays lighting overhead fast. Well, if you need a stronger mount, you can use a pipe or fork instead of the hook. The former allows you to suspend and install the ufo led high bays lighting overhead as usual, but with a firm fit, so the fixed device will not move. This is the ideal solution for a free wind-blown space like an airplane hangar. The yoke will provide you with the same stable fit, but it will also allow you to mount the ufo led high bays lighting overhead on the wall to tilt it.

Motion sensor

Like linear overhead, UFO overhead can also save energy motion sensors. Your commercial flying saucer light will only turn on when it detects activity below it, reducing the turn-on time and prolonging its service life. After a short time, the overhead fixture will dim and then it turns off when no movement under or near lights.

UFO led high bays lighting vs. Linear High Bay light

You may be wondering, if the linear overhead performance is equally good, why should you choose UFO overhead. In addition to their shapes, there are some key differences.

As mentioned above, the beam angle of the UFO LED high bay can be sharpened with different polycarbonate mirrors to fully illuminate a small area. Its circular diode arrangement and lumen range make our LED UFO light an ideal choice for shallow, more open spaces. On the other hand, the LED linear high bay has a longer diode arrangement, which can produce a wider beam angle. They perform best when the ceiling is installed in a high position, making it an excellent solution for narrow spaces such as high rise aisles.

Due to the different shapes, the light distribution of the two high bays is also different. Another reason linear high-shelfs are very suitable for illuminating aisles is that they output a uniform rectangular beam. The UFO high bay emits a circular beam of light.

The choice also depends on your aesthetic taste. Do you want a traditional elevated look? Choose UFO style. If you like the appearance of a square fluorescent lamp, please choose a linear style.

Why use ufo led high bays lighting instead of metal halides?

The traditional overhead luminaire and our UFO LED overhead use the same pendant design. Their bulbs are omnidirectional, which means they can emit light in all directions. This requires the use of aluminum reflectors to redirect light downward. Although this can save most of the lost light, the output will still be inefficient.

It takes less than a second for LED overhead lights to fully light up, while metal halide lamp stands need up to 20 minutes to reach standard operating temperature.

How high can we should set them?

Each UFO high bay has a beam angle of 110°, except for the 200W version, which has a beam angle of 120°. This and its lumen output will affect your installation height. According to the candle output of 40 to 50 feet, we recommend that the LED UFO be mounted elevated at least 10 feet from the ground and a maximum of 20 feet from the ground. The spacing should be equal to the coverage area, so if the diameter of the 100W fixtures is 30 feet, separate them by 30 feet. Please refer to the figure below.

LED UFO high bay installation height and coverage.

Is Ufo led high bays lighting vs. Linear High Bay light waterproof ?

Although you cannot soak UFO high bay light in water, they can resist some moisture. Our UFO high bay has passed ETL DLC certification. It can be used in humid environments. If the product can keep its electrical components dripping, splashing or water flowing, it is designated as a wet location. Indoor locations include grocery stores, membership warehouse clubs, and airplane hangars.