When considering flood light in stadium, several factors should be considered, including beam angle, output, color temperature, IP protection and IK rating. Your new LED lighting must have a wide beam angle to ensure optimal light throughout the stadium.

Our flood light in stadium can save amazing energy up to 75% while also eliminating maintenance costs. With LED lighting, you can easily adapt and forget, reap the rewards of energy savings. Color temperature is also important. For outdoor stadium events, we recommend daylight (5,000K+) color temperature as it matches daytime lighting. Natural (4,000K) and Warm (3,000K) color temperatures provide warmer lighting – ideally, should be used in indoor settings. flood light in stadium should be protected from weather. Make sure your new LED lighting is IP65 or higher, providing protection against rain, dust, ice, heat and corrosion.

For outdoor environments, lighting should provide at least IK08 protection. The higher the IK number, the more protection is provided. For example, if the light is hit by a football, the light needs to withstand the impact so that performance is not affected. For example, our flood light in stadium offers IK08 protection against 7 joules of shock.

All Bbier flood lights in stadiums are rated for 50,000 hours and come with a 5 year warranty.

Stadiums can be configured to work wirelessly with Light Boss, providing the ultimate in energy efficient lighting control. Site managers can wirelessly monitor, automate, control and report on all connected lighting via a tablet. It also provides emergency lighting reports and can also be installed into existing and new buildings.

High Mast LED flood light in stadium: The Bbier High Mast LED flood light is an IP66 protected luminaire designed for stadium lighting. This LED floodlight replaces energy-wasting metal halide floodlights up to 900W. Offering an efficiency of 135Lm/W, the Bbier is a high output LED floodlight that offers a higher level of IP66 protection against elements such as water, dust, ice, heat and corrosion. It also provides impact protection for the IK08. The luminaire can also be rotated up to 70°, ensuring bright light is focused where it is needed. Bbier lamps offer up to 95% energy savings. .

LED and Smart Lighting Control

As LED lighting has evolved over the past 10 years, so has the development of lighting control solutions to further increase lighting efficiency and improve the lighting capabilities of work buildings. Most guidelines direct employers, business owners, and government agencies to install efficient lighting systems, with increased control being the most effective solution.

Retrofit LED lights have integrated controls wherever possible, or can be easily configured to work with existing controls such as DALI, 0-10V and leading or trailing edge.

This is the most cost-effective way to upgrade lighting, allowing users to see the energy performance of their lighting in real time, as well as options including self-checking emergency lighting.

What makes Bbier lighting different from other sports lighting companies?

Illuminating outdoor sports fields is an important part of creating a positive experience for athletes and spectators. While there are many sports lighting companies offering lighting options, if you’re looking for the latest innovations in stadium lighting, you need to partner with Bbier lighting. BBIER LED luminaires are the brightest, most energy efficient and longest lasting choice among sports lighting manufacturers, giving you several advantages when looking for lighting for your facility. Learn more below why our stadium lighting solutions are ideal for your needs.

  • Reduced glare and improved color rendering: One of the features that distinguish Bbier lighting from other lighting options from other sports lighting companies is the lighting quality. Our luminaires are glare-free and have a UGR of less than 19. That means they’ll generate as much glare as mild indoor lights, which are almost none. This improves player visibility and allows them to perform better on or off the pitch. Not only that, Bbier lighting fixtures also have the highest color rendering index (CRI>85) among similar products. This means that the colors on the pitch or pitch will be as realistic as possible. Players and spectators will see the expected jersey and pitch colors, improving the overall experience of the game.
  • Extended service life and lower maintenance costs: Stadium lighting is one of the more difficult types of lighting to replace. Replacing light bulbs or bulbs is a tedious process due to the distance of the stadium’s light fixtures from the ground. Bbier lighting fixtures have a long life expectancy, which means less time to replace bulbs or fixtures. These luminaires have thermal management technology built into their design, which helps extend their life expectancy compared to luminaires from other sports lighting manufacturers.
  • Efficient lighting reduces energy bills: Bbier lighting fixtures not only last longer than their counterparts, they are also among the most efficient fixtures on the market. They are rated at 140 lumens/watt. They will provide clear, bright light using less energy than other lighting options. In fact, many people report energy savings of up to 85% when they switch from traditional stadium lighting to high-efficiency Bbier lighting. Less energy and maintenance costs mean more efficient operation of stadium facilities.
  • Bbier lighting leads the way when it comes to great sports lighting options. By continually striving for the best technology to improve lighting for its customers, Bbier lighting provides LED lighting for sports franchises, schools and other sports facilities, providing superior lighting and longevity. Our luminaires are the industry’s longest lasting lighting choice, featuring glare-free, bright optics for a better experience for fans and players.