Currently, with the continuous development of LED technology, street lights using LEDs as light sources are increasingly being used in outdoor road lighting. my country is building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and “green LED street lights” have received extensive support. Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium street lights, what are the advantages of green LED street lights?

The luminous principle of LED lights:

LED light-emitting diode is a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light. The heart of the led is a semiconductor chip, the semiconductor chip is composed of 3 parts, one part is a P-type semiconductor, in which holes dominate the part. The other part is an N-type semiconductor. When the current is applied to the wafer through the wire, the electrons and holes will be pushed into the quantum well. The electrons and holes recombine in the quantum well, and then emit energy in the form of light. This is the principle of LED lighting

The luminous principle of high pressure sodium lamp:

The high-pressure sodium lamp uses electricity to generate an arc between the two end electrodes of the arc tube. Due to the high temperature of the arc, the nargonzi in the tube is heated and evaporated into mercury vapor and sodium vapor. The electrons emitted by the cathode hit the discharge material when moving to the anode. The principle makes it obtain energy to produce ionization or excitation, and then return from the excited state to the ground state, or the ionized state becomes the excited state, and then return to the ground state infinitely looping. At this time, the energy is released in the form of light radiation in order to produce Light.


The advantages of green LED street lights:

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium street lights, LED lights can save 50% to 70% of energy consumption. LED street lights do not contain mercury, lead and other elements, and will not cause environmental pollution during the entire process of manufacturing, using and scrapping.

  • long lasting

The service life of traditional high-pressure sodium street lights is about 3000-5000 hours, and the service life of LED street lights exceeds 30,000 hours (3-5 years), which greatly saves losses and maintenance costs.

  • Broad start

When the voltage is too low, the traditional high-pressure sodium street lamp cannot start normally. LED street lights can be started in the range of 90V-260V.

  • Sturdy material

Traditional high-pressure sodium street lamps are made of glass, which is fragile and dangerous. LED street light has no filament, no glass bulb, and it is not easy to break. It works well in extreme weather.

Compared with green LED street lamps, high-pressure sodium street lamps have the following disadvantages:

  • High power consumption and low power supply efficiency. For example, for a high-pressure sodium street lamp with a nominal value of 250W, the measured total power consumption is usually about 307W, and the power efficiency is only 66.8%.
  • The color rendering index is low. Ra is usually only about 20-30, the light appears dim, and the color reproduction ability is poor.
  • The brightness controllability is poor. For high-pressure sodium street lights, a dedicated boost power supply can be used to power the lights, and the brightness cannot be changed instantaneously and quickly.
  • Short life and high maintenance cost.
  • Poor light distribution and drop-shaped speckle effect make a lot of useless light spread away from the road. The ideal light spot effect should be a rectangular light spot that can illuminate a certain area on the road and both sides (that is, the light distribution curve of the bat wing).


How about the High Performance Solar Street Lighting

Our solar street lights are more than the next generation of solar lighting – they are an uncompromising vision of simplicity and reliability. With all the power and features you need in a compact form, our lights are more capable, reliable and cost-effective than any solar street light that has come before.


Uncompromising Technology

With high-output LEDs, multiple lighting profiles, and adaptive technology, our street lights have all the lighting performance you’d expect from electrical lighting without the high installation costs or a connection to the electrical grid.

Our adaptive solar technology allows our lights to predicatively adapt to their surroundings, providing an unmatched level of lighting performance and reliability.

“This solar lighting is better than the electric lighting we had in place before.”

“Dusk to till dawn” or “always on” are the most common type of solar lights that run at night until dawn or until the charge in the batteries runs out. However the dusk till dawn description can build unrealistic expectations and here at Solarcentre we try our best not to use that description as the time of year, panel positioning and of course the specification of the light all determine how long the light will operate for.


The power is high and the line laying cost is high. Due to the high power consumption, the diameter of the power copper wire used is relatively thick, and the LED street lamp can use a thinner copper wire to meet the same needs.