Outdoor LED canopy lights are an ideal lighting solution for a variety of applications, especially outdoor locations such as parking lots, covered mall walkways, and gas stations. The outdoor LED canopy light of bbier lighting provides low-cost, high-power flood illumination, and is a more durable and longer-life alternative to traditional halogen lamps and metal halide lamps.


LED canopy light fixtures to replace between 70 watts to 400 watts traditional metal halide and HPS lights. They come in square and round shapes with better light distribution and precision optics. Selecting the frosted or clear drop lens for a more diffused light, or the flat lens for more direct light. Outdoor LED canopy lights can be installed flush mount or pendant mount, and have multiple colors can be optional, like white, black, bronze. These LED lighting solutions are used in commercial applications like car washes, loading areas, and small warehouses, as well as residential places like eaves, soffits, and pathways.

These Factors To be Considered Before Buying LED Canopy Lights

What’s your purpose for LED canopy lights? for personal or commercial use? Before you start looking for a good supplier, consider these factors to make sure that you buy the right one.
In recent times. LED lighting has been gaining popularity rapidly because of its benefit to reduce power consumption, save energy, and cut down on electricity bills. It not only lasts a longer lifespan than other conventional lights(HID, HPS light, etc) and offers brighter illumination, but can also be used in various places. In addition, it comes in a wide range of variants to choose from. And LED canopy lights are one such variant.
Speaking of LED canopy lights, they are designed in such a way that they can be easily mounted above any area to achieve direct illumination. These fixtures are also available in a range of wattage options from which you can pick as per your requirements. However, before buying them, there are a few factors that you must consider carefully. Doing so would help you in picking the best product and make your investment worthwhile:


Place of Installation
Determine what you need carefully based on where you are going to install it. LED canopy lights come in different versions that are suitable for interior and exterior usage. So if an option is meant to be installed in your corridor, you cannot use it to light up your garage. The ones designed for outdoor use have a tough exterior capable of resisting environmental elements, like waterproof, waterproof rank choose IP65 to IP67, the material have better to choose die-casting aluminum, it more durable and have a good heat dissipation effect. Therefore, decide the type of light that you should buy first and then start looking for a good supplier.


Appearance Design
While purchasing LED canopy lights, you will get many design options as well. But you must pick the one that ideally helps you to accent the design cues present in the area of installation. Whatever you select should blend with the themes existing in that space.

Guide to buy the right LED Canopy Light

Choosing the right LED Surface Mount and Canopy Outdoor lighting will help you get the most out of your choice among these environmentally preferable, cost-effective, maintenance-free fixtures. With super brightness (lumen), low wattage, and long span (50,000+ hours), the Outdoor LED Canopy Light is perfect for installation in a petrol station, parking garages, stairs, etc.


For new led lights, buying by lumen is more important than buying by watts when purchasing energy-efficient led lights. While wattage measures the amount of energy required for light production, lumen measures the amount of light produced. This means that the more lumen the lamp has, the brighter the light source is. Instead of buying lamps based on how much energy they consume (watts), consumers should consider how much light they give us (lumen).

Wattage measure the lamp’s energy consumption – not how much light it puts out. Energy-efficient lamps use fewer watts to give off the same amount of brightness (lumen). Because of this, LED (which have typically low wattage when compared with the same lumen) not only helps decrease energy usage but also lowers electric bills.


Color Temperature (CCT)
Color temperature refers to the color appearance of the light that comes from a light source. It’s an important performance characteristic to assess when evaluating lamps because the color temperature creates the mood of the space you are lighting and can thus influence buying behavior or work performance. The apparent color of a light source is measured in Color Temperature. The higher the color temperature, the whiter the light. Our all lights support 2700k-6500k from special warm white to special cold white.

When an Outdoor LED Canopy Light is DLC Listed (stands for Design Light Consortium) it may qualify for energy rebates by your local utility which can significantly reduce the cost of ownership. The qualified products list is a resource for program administrators, to help them decide which solid-state lighting products to include in their energy efficiency promotions. Our all light passed CE certificate, RoHS. 50% lights passed ETL, UL certificate, Some lights passed DLC certificate.


Finally, keep these things in mind if you are planning to buy LED canopy lights. And once you are done considering them, start looking for an experienced supplier and has a certain scale of the company. Beware of scams that try to deceive people with low-quality products at regular prices. Take your time to locate a suitable manufacturer and supplier who would be able to provide you with high-quality and competitively priced LED canopy lights.