A Night Light in the baby room helps your baby and toddler sleep in three different ways:

  • Reassuring in the dark: especially useful during infant separation anxiety.
  • Minimal arousal at night awakenings: critical for more and better sleep for baby and you.
  • The timer alarm light can effectively help your baby has a longer sleep.

However, how a led night light helps with sleeping ? Read on!

How to choose a good night light for the baby room?

Choosing well is not complicated but it is important to get one that does what you need:

  • It must be so dim that you don’t see it through your eye lids when your eyes are closed.
  • It must be bright enough so you can tend to baby at night (for feeding, changing, comforting, …) without switching on additional light.
  • It must be free of blue light because exposure to blue light right before bed or during the night disrupts the healthy production of melatonin (the sleep hormone). So always choose a night light that properly filters blue: good quality red and amber night lights are usually the best choices.

What LED Night Light Color Is Best For Your Sleep?

  • Red light is best for sleep because its color temperature is low, much lower than regular daylight. At night, you can be immersed in red light without shaking your body and changing the internal clock like blue light. If you have trouble falling asleep and are surrounded by unnatural blue light every night, that may be a big factor. Switching to natural red light at night can help your body enter the sleep cycle more naturally.
  • The red night light has a long wavelength led source that promotes sleep and it will not hinder the sleep hormone melatonin production.
  • If you are trying to avoid the harmful blue light later in the day, you can use the app and set the Kelvin range to 2700-3500, and by doing that you don’t get any blue light at all. You should feel much more sleepy when you’re going to bed if avoid blue light exposure during the evening.
  • The red light is low in brightness and will not be very dazzling in the dark, helping to relieve anxiety and sleep.