Solar road light their outdoors, give their streets that glow, and illuminate pathways. Though it’s an option that will cost you more, it’s still worth every penny. Additionally, Solar road light are your environment’s best friend.

Do Solar Road Light Last Forever?

  • Avoid placing solar energy in area lighting.
  • Clean your solar panels frequently.
  • Use clear paint to protect your solar energy.
  • During the winter, store solar energy in your house.
  • If it rains, turn off the solar lights.

Your solar panelsneed regular cleaningif you want to get the most out of them. How long do solar road light last if they are always dirty? Not long. Please keep this in mind, dirt blocks your panels from sun rays. If sunlight can’t find its way to the panels, your battery will get drained faster since it did not soak up enough light, if any.

A rainy day can ruin your lights. Why? If it rains continuously, the panels don’t charge as efficiently as they should. Therefore, the lights put a strain on your poorly charged batteries, and destruction is inevitable.To conserve the batteries, switch off the lights on days when the rain doesn’t let up.

Features of solar street light

  • It starts automatically at dusk, automatically closes at sunrise. There will be a remaining battery display on the solar light.
  • Remote control provides convenience in long-distance for multiple modes.
  •  It has a timing function: 3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours, or constant light mode.
  • Solar road light has half brightness, full brightness, or automatic mode, which can help save 80% of the power.
  • The newest designed light distribution lens brings better lighting uniformity.
  •  The intelligent temperature control ensures solar street light can work in extremely cold weather.

Why Is Your Solar Road Light Not Working?

You Forgot A Button

If you’re new to solar lighting, you’re probably wondering why your unit won’t work. Check all the buttons to see that they are on.

Battery Not Fully Charged/Dead

A solar panel whose battery doesn’t have sufficient charge will not work. Please make sure you give your battery time to charge fully before use.

 Damaged Sensor

How do you know the sensor has a problem? Simple. Because darkness triggers the sensors to light the bulb, you need to create such an environment to test your sensor. Cover the sensor, and if the light is still off, your sensor has a problem.

Too Little Sunshine

If you’ve not been exposing your lights to proper sunlight, the result is an inefficient unit. Ensure your lights get enough sun rays to power them through the night.

Sometimes it could just be that a small animal knocked it over, and it’s not sitting correctly. The result is a solar road light that’s facing away from the sun.

Clogged By Dirt

Dust or debris can spoil your solar lights. They also block the panels from sun rays. So, check to see if it needs cleaning.


Everyone likes to use less solar energy but still longer lasting for their solar lights.A solar light battery will last for an average of 2 years if it doesn’t sustain any damage. The light bulbs, which are usually LED, can last for up to 30 years.Keep in mind that these lights need to be exposed to the sunlight for four hours per day at least so that their batteries can be fully recharged.

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