Lighting is one of the most important elements of a location. Without proper illumination, an area can seem unsafe and downright uninviting. With our LED canopy lighting fixture, eliminate this concern by supplying your space with bright, powerful illumination.

LED Canopy lights play a big part in saving the costs of electricity, and save more energy as compared to fluorescent lights. These are highly energy-efficient and are regarded as safer sources of light of commercial as well as residential spaces. These do not take long to warm up and light up immediately, which gives them an edge over regular lights.

LED canopy lighting has become an efficient trend that many people go for these days. We can find them at hotels, gas stations, parking areas or drive-thru.

This type of lighting is energy efficient, while also having a long lifespan. No wonder so many people are starting to go for this innovation. In fact, they are among the most affordable and sustainable lighting options.

1.Why upgrade your LED Canopy lighting?

  • Reduce your canopy energy costs up to 75%
  • Create a brighter and more attractive station
  • Reduce your maintenance costs
  • Strengthen your business

2. What are the features of LED Canopy Lights?

High Lumen Output: The light has a high lumen output of 17000. This helps it in emitting bright and intense light covering large spaces.

Easy mounting: The light can be mounted easily on a soft-fit or a canopy. This makes extremely electrician friendly.

High CRI: The high CRI of over 70 helps in viewing the color true to their extent.

Energy saving: The 150W LED canopy can replace a source of 400W. Because of this one can reduce the power consumption by around 75%.

IP 65 Rating: The IP 65 rating makes it suitable for damp location. As it is waterproof and weatherproof its applications are varied.

Large heat sink: The big heat sink of the light helps in effective thermal dissipation. It keeps the fixture cool which helps in enhancing the performance.

Wide beam angle: A beam angle of 112 degrees helps in illuminating large spaces.