Choosing a good led diver for your led light or LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station. It can make your LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station have a longer lifespan. Below, I introduction China’s famous 4 driver brand. When you purchasing led light from China, like led street light, led road light, pole light, UFO high bay light, LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station, etc. Then you have a reference. When talking about power drivers, the first impression for many people will probably think Philips, Tridonic, Lutron, Meanwell, etc.

Below 4 Chinese power driver brands, you should know for LED lights industry

However, now Chinese factories account for approximately 80% to 90% of the global LED light and power driver manufacturing in the industrial, commercial, and household. It is very easy to get stuck when facing countless LED lighting solution supply by Chinese suppliers. So you may ask whether there’s any guideline to choose reliable Chinese brand LED power drivers that can be a good alternative? I recommend choosing the big brand will never be wrong.

I would like to recommend 4 top Chinese LED power driver brands listed by light.
1. Meanwell
Founded early in 1982, with manufacturing center mainly in Guangzhou and Suzhou, China, Meanwell driver may be regarded as the top 1 Chinese(Taiwan) LED power driver brand, especially in LED industrial lighting field. The HLG driver series and HBG driver series are the two most widely used driver series, especially with HLG on LED flood light, LED street light or roadway light, tunnel light. While HBG applied on LED high bay light (round shape UFO high bay light or traditional LED high bay fixture). Also, ELG series is also popularly used on dimmable compatible LED lights. Bbier lighting adapts the HLG series on an asymmetric LED flood light and LED street light while HBG series on 150lm/w UFO high bay light.

2. Inventronics
Founded in 2007 and its headquarter in Hangzhou, Inventronics is also famous for offering high reliability and performance power driver for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting. There is mainly EUG, EUV, and EUR series used for industrial lighting with EUG, EUV series for LED flood light, LED street light or roadway light, tunnel light while EUR on LED high bay light (round UFO high bay light or traditional LED high bay lighting).

Founded in 2006 and located in Shenzhen, MOSO power enjoyed tremendous growth in the last decades in LED power driver industry and has now become one of the leading power driver suppliers in China. The LDP, LCP, and LTP series are the three most widely used in LED industrial lights, where LDP and LCP is mainly for LED flood light, LED street light or roadway light, tunnel light while LTP on LED high bay light (round UFO high bay light or traditional LED high bay lighting).

Founded in 2011 and located in Shenzhen, SOSEN earns its reputation rapidly based on its high-quality power driver as well as quick responsive delivery time. So there’s no surprise that a lot of Chinese suppliers select SOSEN as the second power driver solution besides Meanwell for their LED flood light, led street light, and led high bay light with H and C series mainly used. H series for LED flood light, led street light while C series for UFO high bay light with motion sensor.

Finally, hope the articles help you to better identify which one is a good quality power driver for the LED lights industry. Please don’t irrationally regard light as not good enough again just because it doesn’t use Philips, Tridonic, or Meanwell driver.


Why Do I Need an LED Driver?

LEDs run on low voltage, direct current electricity, yet outlets typically supply electricity that is high voltage with alternating current. The main purpose of an LED driver is to rectify this higher voltage alternating current into the low voltage direct current electricity that LEDs are designed to handle.

LEDs are constant current devices with a forward voltage drop. This means the voltage supply must exceed that drop in order to allow the current to flow, and by controlling the current, you control the intensity. Too much or too little current can cause the light output to vary or degrade at a faster rate due to higher temperatures within the LED. An LED driver responds to the changing needs of an LED circuit by providing a constant quantity of power (within a rated current range) to the LED as its electrical properties change with temperature.

There are several different kinds of external LED drivers, but they can be broken down into two main types: constant current (CC) drivers and constant voltage (CV) drivers.

What is CCT? A guide to choosing the right color temperature for your led lamp

What’s the color temperature(CCT)?
Color temperature refers to the color of light emitted from a light. It’s measured in the Kelvin unit and is most commonly found between 2200K and 6500K. Different color temperature is suitable for different places. According to your application to choose.
Warm light(2700K-3100k)
Natural light(4100K-5100K)
Day light(5700K)
Cool light(5700k-6500K)