LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations

Gas stations of old had a dull, poor lit look, a look that has been passed by time. Today’s gas station lights are efficient and high-quality. Lights that give them a sleek, modern look drawing in customers. Before LED gas station lights, the most popular lighting was high-pressure sodium lamps.HPS bulbs bathed every object with an orange-yellowish glow, dulling objects. HPS bulbs are often associated with low security. The dull low CRI light makes an area more susceptible to crime, especially at night.

Other gas stations used metal halide bulbs which had better light quality but a short lamp life. Additionally, these lamps have long warm up and restrike times. Meaning that they do not produce light on demand. And as they age, their light undergoes a color shift. Metal halide bulbs can also get very hot, because they produce 90% of the energy they pull as heat. This makes them very inefficient. Especially when considering the extra energy used to power the ballasts. Gas station lights are very energy-intensive. They need all night to encourage more customer visits.

There are gas stations that have tried fluorescent lights. These lights operate very poor in gas stations because extreme temperature fluctuations. Gas station lights with fluorescent bulbs had to buy warm and cold weather canopy lights. Changing out bulbs twice a year is not only a huge expense, it also causes downtimes. The station may stop operating when the lights are being changed. Storage may also be needed for new delicate light fixtures.

How Does It Work?

Fluorescent lighting isn’t very bright even at it’s fullest capacity. Our LED products shine as bright as the sun.Customers are looking to feel safe while pumping gas at night. They don’t want to have to get out of their cars and hope no one sneaks up on them. They want to see everything, and our LED lighting for gas stations can do that.

After dark, gas station lights can become frightening places, yet motorists need to be able to fill up without fear. The key to making gas stations more inviting, and safer, for customers is proper lighting. In fact, a well-lit gas station will be the one many customers choose over one that is poorly lit, simply because of the safety and comfort factor. Yet leaving the lights on will increase your costs. To manage the need for a well-lit space with the demand to cut utility costs, consider making the switch to LED canopy lighting.

High-quality light in a gas station contributes to the facility’s bottom line. This is the reason gas stations are replacing old lights with LEDs and retrofit units. They not only help save energy, but they also upgrade the station’s aesthetics. Gas station lights have integrated other profit-making outlets to drive up profits. Some, for instance, have mini-marts where drivers or pedestrians can buy essentials. If these outlets do not have good lighting, it doesn’t have a welcoming atmosphere. Few customers will approach them. To stay competitive, gas stations must be bright and welcoming. Gas station lights go beyond providing adequate lighting. They offer customer comfort and help with customer retention.

LED Canopy Lights Draw the Right Attention to Your Gas Station

Take a look at your gas station from the main roads around it after the sun has set. Does your lighting draw the attention of passing motorists? Does it feel like a safe place to refuel? LED canopy lights can make it inviting and help your customers feel safer. This lighting offers a brighter light that is closer to natural daylight, which will make your gas station the one that passing motorists will trust. By making the switch to LED, you will draw the right attention with a bright and inviting gas station.

Reduce Energy Consumption with LED Canopy Lights

Not only will LED canopy lights cause more motorists to stop and take a closer look at your gas station, but they will also help you lower your energy bills. While the amount you save will depend on the type of lighting you currently have, making the switch to LED lighting options for your canopy lights can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 85 percent. This will lead to lower energy bills as you keep your space well lit.

Reduce the Risk of Burned Out Lights

The brightest, most effective lighting is only going to work well if it remains lit. making the switch to LED and choosing LED Lighting options helps reduce the risk of burned out lights. These LED lights contain industry-leading technology that extends the lifespan significantly, giving you much longer use and reducing your maintenance and replacement costs significantly.

hese are also sometime found in parking areas. The design of lamps distributes light evenly in a downward spread, eliminating wasted lumens while reducing energy use. These are retrofit solutions that replace non-LED lighting without a new lighting fixture needed.

LED Lighting also offers the Omni-Directional option. With a rounded bulb instead of the design, this light delivers 145 lumens per watt and is a retrofit design to replace high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs in parking garages and parking lots.

Omni-Directional Lighting for Parking Garages
Another option for top-mounted lighting systems in commercial parking lots is the LED lamp. Another retrofit lamp that spreads light evenly and efficiently, these lamps are rated for up to 60,000 hours and come in powers of up to 1,000 watts. They spread light in multiple directions to evenly light a large portion of the parking area.

Retrofit, Downward Lighting

For parking areas that have incandescent or halogen bulbs that screw into a recessed housing, downward focused lighting is critical. In these applications, the LED Lamp is a great solution. With over 80 percent more efficiency and a much longer lamp life, the LED Lamp improves visual acuity while reducing energy use, which will improve the overall look and function of the parking lot area. This will lower operating costs while improving safety and security at the same time through improved visibility.
This light has a 150-degree beam angle for uniform lighting in a downward motion. Because it has a wide beam spread, it can be used in tall lights in parking lots and in high ceilings of parking garages.

Traditional fixtures come in many different shapes and sizes. When retrofitting to LED, some LED lighting solutions do not fit into existing traditional lighting, creating the need for costly upgrades to the entire lighting setup. Replacing light fixtures as well as the lamps themselves is not a cost-effective way to embrace greater energy efficiency. Retrofit lights from LED Lighting provide a solution that plug directly the existing light fixture, bringing all the benefits of LED lighting without necessary upgrade costs. Here is a closer look at some of retrofit LED lights and where they can be used.

Retrofit for Parking Garages
Parking garages require always-on lighting that can be costly to run and maintain. The moment a bulb burns out, safety and security are compromised, so maintenance crews must work hard to ensure that the lighting is always in good, working order. Constantly running the lighting can also drive up energy costs with metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps, and these two lighting options are known for rapid lumen depreciation.

Basic Features

1.The light body of the LED gas station is made of high-strength die-casting aluminum material, the surface is anti-aging electrostatic spray treatment, self-cleaning and strong corrosion resistance.
2. The cover is made of high-strength shatter-resistant glass, which is impact-resistant and friction-resistant.
3. Using high-quality LED products, high stability, long life up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than traditional light sources, to achieve low investment and high ROI.

4.  Green and environment-friendly without pollution, cold light source design, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin. Contains no lead, mercury and other polluting elements, to achieve a true green.
5. Humanized structure design makes the installation and maintenance of lamps easier. Suitable for various applications.
6. The lamps are fully heat-dissipation designed, so the temperature of the cover is low, safe and well protected.
7.  The color rendering is good, the light is stable, and the real color is more realistic. The color temperature of the LED light source is optional, which can meet the needs of different environments.

8. The power supply with constant current and constant voltage control makes it suitable for wide voltage, which overcomes the shortcomings of power grid and noise pollution caused by the ballast.
9. The decorative effect is excellent, using a special surface treatment process, a variety of appearance colors are available, simple installation, convenient disassembly, and a wide range of applications.
10.  The LED gas station lamp adopts humanized appearance design, concise and elegant, reflecting the aesthetic requirements of modern industrial lighting fashion and the concept of full harmony of humanity and nature.



The gas station service area lighting includes the following features in function:

1. Attract customers’ attention.
2. Pleasant consumer experience.
3. Stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

Most of the lighting fixtures in gas stations are generally installed above the driveway. Practice has proved that this is a serious mistake. Ignoring the main role of the station lighting, is the job needs of the oilers. In this case, it doesn’t look good if you don’t come. After you come, the refueling vehicle will block the light, and it is difficult for the refueler to see the fuel tank. It is recommended that you install above the tanker.

Gas station lights are the perfect solution to this problem. With a rated lifespan of 60,000 hours, the ability to reduce energy consumption by up to 80 percent, and a retrofit design that fits into parking deck light fixtures, LED Lighting’s retrofit lamps allow you to embrace the benefits of LED lighting in our parking garage simply. Consider Lotus lamps, depending on your need.

In addition, they create minimal heat, so they can be used in fully enclosed fixtures without a problem. These lights improve visual acuity, reduce energy expenditures, and have a higher rated lifespan than other options.

If you are looking to upgrade to LED, LED Lighting makes it easier and more affordable to do so. Reduce your energy, maintenance, and disposal costs, without the need to actually change your light fixtures, with the benefits of retrofit LED products. Browse our lighting solutions today and see how easy it can be to upgrade to LED.



Gas station lighting future development trend

The development of gas station lighting is closely related to the operation mode of the gas station itself. In the new development stage, the refined oil market will be characterized by: comprehensive market opening, multi-level resource allocation, diversified market players, diversified circulation methods, and market competition More intense. In order to avoid being eliminated in the fierce market competition in the future, each competitor in the gas station industry must actively adjust the network layout, optimize the size of the gas station, actively promote the “secondary development” of the gas station, and improve the operating efficiency and profitability of the gas station. Therefore, under this model change, the lighting design of the gas station must be required to meet the development needs.


–Health, safety, environmental protection, energy saving

With the rapid growth of the world economy, people’s environmental awareness has improved rapidly, and the safety and environmental requirements of gas station lighting are rapidly increasing. In the process of building a harmonious society, the government has also raised environmental issues to a considerable height. Optimize the gas station lighting design, increase the application of explosion-proof systems, and comprehensively raise the gas station lighting construction standards. Therefore, the lighting of gas stations must not only solve the problem of the number of lamps, but also the quality of lighting, and take the initiative to develop toward healthier, safer, more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient.


–Make Good use of Lighting to Stimulate Consumption

Gas station lights is the home of the shifting of staff and passengers during the journey. More and more gas stations no longer only operate oil products business, but also provide comprehensive services such as shopping and car maintenance. Bringing higher economic benefits to the service of the gas station can improve the image and grade of the gas station; for safety reasons, the gas station shop should also use explosion-proof gas station lighting. Because the lighting of these places provides customers with a bright and comfortable environment, safety is also important.



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