In addition to sunlight, plants’ growth also need carbon dioxide concentration, humidity, temperature, air quality, moisture and other nutrients. From the perspective of indoor grow light,we advocate the use of LED grow light bulbs, so how do grow light bulbs work to affect plants growth?

  • Grow Light Bulbs Control the Photoperiod to Affect the Growth of Plants

All creatures on the earth have their own schedules for work and rest. People need to work, but also need to rest, so do animals; the same is true. Plants also have working time and resting time, which we call the photoperiod.

Plants grow in the open-air nature and each plant has formed its own photoperiod gene. However,due to various uncontrollable factors of nature, their true growth talent has not been fully tapped.

Grow light bulbs bring plants from the outdoor to the indoor. People can control all kinds of growth conditions , which can completely activate the growth cells of plants. The grow light can regulate light cycle of plants, thus affecting the growth of plants.

  • Affect the Growth of Plants By Controlling the Intensity of Light

The light intensity has a very important influence on the cell proliferation and organ differentiation of plants. It has a very important influence on the growth of plants. Different light intensity affects all stages of plant growth.

In the early stage of plant growth, they don’t need too much light. As the plants grow, the light intensity should be increased appropriately. It is very important for the healthy and neat degree of nursery.

When plants bloom and bear fruit, grow light bulbs directly affects the flowering period and fruit setting rate, and also determines the yield and quality of the plant.

  • Control Light Quality Affects Plant Growth

The main LED chips of grow light are mainly red light, blue light and full spectrum white light. The most needed light for plant growth is red light and blue light.

The white light led chips of grow light bulbs are to supplement other spectral components that may be needed for plant growth. The spectrum emitted by the led chips of the full-spectrum grow light is mainly red light and blue light.

Light quality also has a significant effect on the attraction of callus and the differentiation of organs. The red light plays a particularly important role when the plant is flowering and fruiting.


The impact of grow light bulbs on plant growth is mainly accomplished by controlling light quality, light intensity and adjusting the photoperiod of plants.

When choosing grow light, you should pay special attention to the light intensity and light quality of the plant.