In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the athletes’ wonderful and hard work are still vividly visible. Their brilliance on the stadium is accurately captured by cameras. The audience can enjoy watching the game on TV or live broadcast. The high-definition picture can clearly see the stadium. Every move, immersive. Among them are the advanced technology of photography, the photographer’s ability to capture wonderfully, the strength of the 5G network, and the effect of the intelligent led sports field lights lighting system.

Intelligent sports lighting system is very important. Now more and more stadiums are using professional LED sports lighting system. The lighting system of old stadiums is also being upgraded and transformed from traditional metal halide lamps to more adaptable and energy-saving ones. Led sports field lights have actually experienced a long time of development.

LED sports field lights to enhance the game experience

Professional LED sports lighting fixtures are tailored for different types of stadiums from illuminance, color temperature, etc., sports feel more comfortable in a more uniformly lit venue, the eyes are not irritating, the brightness is concentrated on the stadium, the auditorium and the main camera are set differently . At the same time, the number of lights and illuminance in each area are customized according to standards and competition requirements. For example, in the badminton court, in order to allow the players to concentrate, the lights are concentrated in the main arena, and the lights in the auditorium are turned off. Therefore, even the same venues, such as tennis halls, have different sizes, different functions, entertainment, professional games, and TV HD broadcasts. All dimensions are designed to make the athletes more comfortable and enjoy the game.

TV HD broadcast/live

Television broadcasting has played an important role in the evolution of lighting upgrades. From professional sports games to amateur training, LEDs enhance the broadcasting effect by eliminating stroboscopic slow motion replay. Equipped with professional LED sports lighting, a balance between warm and cool colors can be achieved. Shadows, glare or black spots can be eliminated. The picture seen on the TV is clear, and every second of the athlete’s agile movements, such as ping pong, can be clearly captured. Ball is a fast-reaction sport. Without professional led sports field lights, it is difficult for the camera to capture every movement.

Create sports enthusiasm and a good experience

Bbier led sports field lights adopts military heat dissipation technology to avoid glare, spilled light, lighting, competition, and sound are integrated. Whether it is the audience in front of the TV, they have the feeling of being integrated into it. Outstanding color rendering and color temperature, constant illumination on demand, the excitement in the stadium and the clear vision of the athletes.

Bbier tells you the rules of lighting design

There are two types of lighting equipment, dominant and recessive. The lights at night outline the shapes and levels of the woods, giving them vitality and agility, a phenomenon that only exists in our minds. Hidden light sources make objects emit light, as if they themselves are illuminants, and then we gave birth to a night planning project in 1994-mobile car lighting equipment, which can adjust the beam width and reflect light, insisting on what is necessary Contrast with light and shade.
This technique of using light improves the expressive power of light: it avoids direct light from damaging the eyes, and is bright but not obtrusive. The night time best illustrates the duality of light. As if losing the sense of time and space, the magic of light is to attract people’s attention to the object rather than to its own value. Buildings, materials, and colors change with light, just like their own vitality.

When enjoying the light, you will not consider the concept of space and time, and some of them turn a blind eye to bathing without feeling dazzling. This is not a complete hiding, there is no darkness at all. More precisely, it is an invisible existence, like the rising sun, which reflects the sky before it rises. The essence of hiding is the presentation of separation, and the presentation of light gives life to all things.

Using light only where it is needed is like a chemical reaction: only the right and accurate dose can create magic. There is no need for multiple light sources in the room, and one light is sufficient to satisfy visual and emotional needs. This reminds me of the spotlights of the theater, the audience follows them to cast their vision to a certain place, and mobilize all sensory experiences at that moment. This kind of light has the role of opera and is one of the functions of light-stage lights.

Those pleasant behaviors, objects worthy of cherishment, and useful things all require only one light source: a lamp above the dining table, the brightness of the surroundings is only half; the paintings on the wall; the small candlelights of the temple on the corner of the street, these are all It is an example of accurate use of light. Light, the only light, is presented in the place where it is needed.

Bbier stadium lighting project: the thickness of light

If there is volume alone, it has thickness. If light casts shadows, it has volume. The shadow is born from the light, and then constitutes a sense of space. Light invades space through different methods, shaping different spatial temperaments; we often use light to accurately create space: for example, porches, colonnades, and loggias.

The shadow on the front of the building in daylight covers the colonnade and can only be seen at night when the light is on, so the light helps people discover and appreciate the building itself. Light is actually a kind of material, and we should use light like other materials. It has volume, weight and thickness, a thickness that cannot be directly perceived.

The thickness of light can only be reflected by the depth of the illuminated object. . This is a more expressive thickness, deep and elusive, tangible and vague, and more powerful than plain lighting. Bbier fixes the lighting equipment on the ceiling and the wall hole, which is both invisible and plays its basic lighting function.

Bbier stadium lighting project: created the thickness of the light. Light aligns the space with some mystery.

How do you maintain led sports field lights?

When led sports field lights are used outdoors for a long time, it will inevitably increase the dust on the lighting surface. If the accumulated dust is not removed in time, it will affect the brightness of the light. Therefore, when the sports light encounters excessive dust, you only need to wipe the dust off with a clean cloth.

Stadium lighting power is usually supplied by two power sources in the low-voltage power distribution room, which are mutually backup, manual and automatic switching. Generally, the two power sources each bear about 50% of the load and are evenly distributed, so any one of them is cut off and extinguished. When the lights are not lit, the uniform illuminance distribution in the venue can still be maintained, so that ordinary sports can still be carried out. In addition, since the start-up time of the gas discharge lamp is about 4-8 minutes, and the restart time is about 10-15 minutes, even if the two power sources are automatically switched, the extinguished light cannot be immediately lit. Therefore, the manned control is indoors, and two manual power switching modes can be used. For unattended control rooms, a two-way power switching method should be adopted to ensure normal movement and extend the life of the light source.

The use of LED lamps in daily life is very repeated. If you usually pay attention to the maintenance of LED lamps, you can generally maintain the service life of several years, but if you do not maintain it, LED lamps will often have various size problems, which will affect the service life.

Under what circumstances are LED lamps simply damaged?

LED lamps of poor quality must often have problems, so when we buy, we must go to a brand manufacturer with quality assurance. Lamps will also be faulty if they are not used according to the product application. In use, if the current is too large to exceed the rated current of the lamp, it will cause the risk of burning or breakdown of some components in the LED drive power supply.

What are the tips for daily maintenance of led sports field lights from Bbier?

  1. After buying back led sports field lights, do not rush to install them, read the equipment specification book carefully, and install the lights according to the requirements of the specification book to ensure correct installation.
  2. Do not switch on and off repeatedly when using led sports field lights. Although the number of times the LED lights can be switched on and off is about 18 times that of ordinary fluorescent lights, too much repeated switching will still affect the life of the internal electronic components of the LED, and then affect the life of the lamp.
  3. Special attention should be paid to that, except for special LED lamps, general LED lamps should be avoided in humid environments. A humid environment will make electronic components damp and shorten the life of the lamps. Moisture-proof is the key to maintenance of lamps and lanterns. The lamps in our bathrooms and kitchens must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades to prevent moisture intrusion and avoid rust damage or leakage short circuits.
  4. Finally, it is best not to clean led sports field lights with water, generally use a dry cloth soaked in water to wipe it. Bbier reminds you not to wipe with a damp cloth immediately after turning on the light.
  5. Routine inspection: lighting equipment is like our body. Every year or every once in a while, we will go to the hospital for physical examination. Even if we are healthy, we will buy a peace of mind for ourselves. Our led sports field lights are the same. In the daily protection process, if there is a problem with the bulb, you can return to the factory for repair in time.
  6. The led sports field lights that have been subjected to wind and rain for a long time will be attacked by storms. If the viewing angle of the light source is wrong, the light source should be adjusted to a suitable viewing angle in time.
  7. In the daily inspection, it is found that the outer glass of the bulb is broken. The bulb should be removed immediately and returned to the original factory for maintenance to avoid harming innocent people.

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