In our insistence on sustainable development and the use of green energy, the working lamp is also constantly following the pace of the development of The Times.

Green energy for sustainable development, working light is green pollution-free, energy-saving obvious, widely used. But do you know how solar emergency working lighs work? What’s advantages?

solar Emergency work lights advantages?

  1. IP66 WATERPROOF: Made of Die-cast aluminum housing and tempered glass, fwork lights can work well in rain, sleet, snow. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, can be applied in gardens, docks, stadiums and other places
  2. EASY INSTALLATION: The adjustable bracket help to install the light with any angle you required; Come with plug, it can also be mounted on a tripod as a work light
  3. EFFICENT COOLING: The work light is designed with a fin type heat sink, which means it acts like a radiator to dissipate heat
  4. STABLE: A widened and thickened adjustable metal bracket make the light more stable.

SOLar Emergency working lights often play a big role in escape, so do you know how emergency lights work? Below is a small series of some of the emergency working lights on the working principle of the relevant information for your reference.

How solar emergency working lights work?

  1. When the power supply is normal, J2(poly (electric) gets electric suction, and its moving contact is connected with “N/O(normally open point)”. The front end of the backup battery is connected with the reverse end of IC1.IC1(LM308), D5 and D6 constitute the voltage comparator, and the reference voltage is determined by D5 and D6.A silicon diode (D5) and a 6.2V regulator diode (D6) are used to make up the 6.9V reference voltage to monitor the charging voltage voltage.
  2. When the 2-pin input voltage of IC1 (battery voltage) is lower than 6.9V, the 6-pin output high level of IC1, T1 conduction, J1(poly (electric)) gets electricity, its moving contact is connected with “N/O(normally open point)”, the power supply voltage is connected to the battery through R2, and LED2 is lit as the charging indicator.Charging current can be adjusted by changing the resistance value of R2.As the charging time increases, the 2-pin voltage of IC1 gradually increases. When the voltage is greater than the reference voltage of 6.9V, the 6-pin output of IC1 is low, T1 cuts off, and J1(poly (electric) loses power and disconnects the charging circuit, realizing the function of automatic charging protection.
  3. In case of power failure, J2(poly appliance) loses power, and its moving contact is connected with “N/C(normally closed point)”. The battery supplies power to the emergency light circuit through S1, realizing the automatic switching function in case of power failure.S1 is used here to manually disconnect the emergency light circuit.
  4. Emergencyworkinglights circuit is composed of IC2(NE555), T2, T3, T4, X2, etc.IC2 consists of a 50Hz signal generator, which outputs 50Hz signals from the three legs of IC2, drives the push-pull circuit composed of T3, T4 and X2 through T2 invert phase and amplification, respectively, and induces 220V alternating current on the high-pressure side of X2, making the sunlight lamp tube light up.The X2 here can directly use the finished power transformer with secondary power of 4.5 v and primary power of 220V. The power is determined by the power of the daylight lamp tube.When using, pay attention to T3 and T4 should add heat sink.

More and more people are using the solar  emergency working lights, and lots of modoles on Market. BBier lighting company have lots of solar emergency working lights, it have more than 10experences in Led market, and have two warehouse in USA. What’s more, it have some other work lamps, stocked in chian factory and US warehouse.

The end of our design purpose is to make the vast number of users of the solar  Emergency working light can be more convenient to apply it. In recent years, the market of working lamps has become more and more active, and the sales of working lamps have been rising all the way.

Especially this two years, the sales volume of solar emergency working lights in our country has reached the continuous peak.  It is expected that the sales volume of working lamps will reach a higher level. As the technical reserve force is at hand, the performance of solar emergency working lights will become more and more powerful.