Best solar lawn lights is a kind of lighting and landscaping function, can be seen in many public places in the town that need lighting.Most of the so-called lawn lights are solar LED lawn lights.

The advantage of best solar lawn lights

The best solar lawn lights uses LED as the light source, which has a long life and can reach more than 100,000 hours. The working voltage is low, so it is very suitable for the application of solar lawn lights. In particular, LED technology has passed through its key breakthroughs, and its characteristics have been greatly improved in the past five years, and its performance/price ratio has also been greatly improved. In addition, LED is powered by low-voltage DC, and its light source control cost is low, making it possible to adjust light and shade, frequent switching, and will not have a bad impact on the performance of LED. It can also easily control the color of light, change the classification of light, generate dynamic illusion, so it is particularly suitable for solar lawn lights.

Best solar lawn lights source and the design method of the power system because of solar energy lawn lamp unique advantages, rapidly in recent years Development. Lawn lamp power is small, mainly for the purpose of decoration, high requirement to the mobility, circuit laying difficulties, waterproof demanding field. These made by solar batteries lawn lamp shows many advantages like never before.

The development trend of best solar lawn lights

Solar energy as a new green energy, with its incomparable advantages to get rapid popularization and application. As the fourth generation of new light source in the designs city-lighting beautification, road lighting, garden lighting, indoor lighting, and other various fields of the effective utilization of lighting and applications. Especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting lamps and lanterns has more extensive application prospect. 4/5 people think commonly, energy-saving lamps save energy is a great invention, but the LED energy saving a quarter than energy-saving lamps, this is a solid light source, great innovation. In addition, the LED light also is high quality, basically no radiation, reliable and durable, the advantages of the maintenance cost is very low, belongs to typical green lighting source. The successful development of ultra bright LED, substantially reducing the costs of solar lamps and lanterns use, make it at or near power frequency ac lighting system die erste installation cost quotation, and have to protect the environment, easy installation, safe operation, economy and energy saving, etc. Due to the LED light with high efficiency, low calorific value of advantage, has been increasingly applied in the field of lighting, and present a trend to replace traditional lighting light source. In western China, the main solar street light, solar garden light gradually into scale. With the vigorously development of solar energy lamps and lanterns, “green lighting” will become a kind of trend.

The advantages and application of best solar lawn lights

Lawn lamp advantages mainly for safety, energy saving, convenient, environmental protection, etc. Applicable to the residential community green grass beautification lighting ornament, park lawn beautification ornament.

Several problems of best solar lawn lights solar combined system

  • light sensor. Solar energy lawn lamp need light-operated switch, designers often use photosensitive resistance to automatically turn off the lights, solar battery itself is actually a very good light sensor, use it to do the photosensitive switch, features better than photosensitive resistance. To use only a 1.2 VNi – Cd battery, solar lawn lamp, solar energy battery components is composed of four pieces of solar battery series, low voltage, voltage lower under low light, that day has no black voltage below 0.7 v, causing light-operated switch failure. In this case, as long as the direct coupled with a transistor amplifier, can solve the problem.
  • according to the high and low battery voltage control the load size. Solar energy lawn lamp tend to be continuous rain can maintain time requirement is very high, this will increase the cost of system. We are in continuous rain reduce when the battery voltage LED access number, or reduce the solar energy lawn lamp luminous time every day, so it can reduce the system cost.
  • the solar battery packaging form. At present there are two main types of solar cells form of encapsulation, laminated and glue. Laminating technology can guarantee the working life of the solar cell more than 25 years, glue was beautiful, but the working life of the solar cells only 1 to 2 years. As a result, small power under 1 w solar lawn lamp, without too much life requirements, you can use a glue packaging forms, solar lawn lamp, to use fixed number of year with rules suggest using laminated packaging format.
  • Flicker to light. Dimming and dimming is a good way to save energy. On the one hand, it can increase the irradiation effect of solar lawn. On the other hand, the average output current of the battery can be controlled by changing the scintillation duty ratio to extend the working time of the system, or under the same conditions, the solar power can be reduced, the power of the pool and the cost will be greatly reduced.

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