At present, the lighting sources of many underground garages and parking buildings basically use traditional lighting methods, which not only consume large amounts of electricity, but also have large losses, and the control methods basically use centralized manual control, but because underground garages require 24 hours Intermittent lighting, solar motion wall parking lights is often in a long-open state, which is very easy to damage the lighting tube, which needs to be replaced frequently, which invisibly increases the intensity of maintenance work, and the maintenance cost is also relatively high. In order to save electricity, some garages only turn on half of the lights for lighting. Not only does the illuminance fall short of the standard value, but it is also prone to safety accidents. Now with the increasing popularity of intelligent lighting systems, the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive. Some underground garages have begun to use intelligent LED solar motion wall light sources as lighting methods. As a result, management is not only convenient and simple, but also free Control can also save a lot of electricity, which can be said to be the best of both worlds.

Since the intelligent lighting system is used as the power source, how to choose its solar motion wall parking lights and lighting scheme. Below we have a plan here. Generally, LED intelligent control plan should be adopted when renovating and building underground garages. The luminaire should be simple, and the connection between the LED solar motion wall light source and the control power supply should be connected by plug-in connection, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. The traffic lanes and parking spaces in the garage should be evenly arranged with lights, the illuminance should reach 50lx, and the uniformity of the traffic lanes should reach 0.6. Due to the low floor height of underground garages, some underground garages have more equipment and pipelines. The light source power of the lamps should not be too large, and the solar motion wall parking lights distribution angle should not be too small. The lamps at the open-air entrances and exits of vehicles adopt the wall-embedded installation method, and the lamps adopt asymmetrical light distribution, and the lights are cast on the road surface to avoid glare and affect driving. The protection level of the luminaire should reach IP65 or higher to prevent rainwater from entering. The installation height is generally about 50cm from the ground.

As solar motion wall parking led lights is a solid-state light source, it has the advantages of small size, fast response, modular combination, power can be adjusted at will, and DC power drive characteristics, underground garage smart LED solar motion wall light should be selected according to the characteristics of the garage. For example, the wireless smart lamp (straight type) in the smart lighting system is a new type of LED smart lighting product, which can support remote and wireless control. Users only need to use mobile smart terminals such as mobile phones to turn on and off the LED fluorescent solar motion wall light. Or adjust the brightness of the LED fluorescent lamp. This lamp has memory and automatic adjustment functions to meet all the needs of intelligent lighting in the underground garage to the greatest extent. It can be continuously dimmed without flickering, and the operation is simpler.

Underground garage applications should have reasonable solar motion wall light distribution to control the effect of glare on vehicles and pedestrians; the sensing distance of vehicles and pedestrians should not be less than 10 meters; the protection level of lamps should reach IP65; the service life of light sources and control appliances should reach more than 25,000 hours. The power distribution system should meet the requirements of relevant standards and regulations; it can adopt the DC 24V safety voltage centralized power supply method, and the voltage drop should be adjusted to meet the lighting requirements; emergency lighting and emergency evacuation indicator lighting should meet the requirements of relevant specifications; conditional garages The lighting can adopt the complementary power supply mode of solar photovoltaic power generation and city power.

What are the main functions of the solar motion wall parking lights? Below I will list a few for you. First, to meet the lighting needs of vehicles and pedestrians, carry out stepless dimming control to improve comfort. Second, extend the service life of the solar motion wall parking lights. Due to the long-term low-brightness state of the LED light source, the temperature rise is slower and the temperature is lower, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the LED light source. Third, reduce maintenance costs and improve lighting quality. Since the lamp tube does not need to be replaced frequently, a large amount of labor and lamp replacement costs are saved, the good working condition of the lighting lamp is guaranteed, and the lighting quality is improved. And compared with the straight tube fluorescent lamp, its installed capacity can be reduced by about 40%, achieving a power saving rate of more than 80%, and also achieving the effect of energy saving.

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