Now more and more UFO highbay light came out on led market, but do you know which one is better? And how How Do we select which UFO High Bay should be Used?

When choosing to illuminate high bay ceilings, efficiency is important. Since the light will run from a higher range, the lighting needs to be maximized to get the best lighting. With the ingenious design of UFO  high bay lights, the design efficiency is part. Created a fin style to help heat transfer performance more evenly, these fixtures allow wide and powerful lighting.

When setting high block lights, many types of fixing devices can be used. These lamps include LED lamps, induction lamps, metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps. Each kind of high compartment lamps has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, LED lamps provide a very long life and energy efficiency, but require a larger initial investment, while traditional incandescent lamps are cheaper to buy initially, but have a short lifespan and use more energy.

In addition to having different costs and efficiencies, there are several types of fixtures that can be used for high bay lights. Round  ufo high bay lights , linear high bays, architectural high bays and grid installation high bays all provide different light quality and coverage styles. The type of light that suits you best depends on your personal taste and the tasks you will perform under it.

What are the benefits of UFO LED High Bays?

One of the benefits of high light slot lighting is that it provides clear, uniform light and very little glare. Different types of reflectors can complete different types of ufo high bay lamp lighting tasks. The aluminum reflector allows the light from the luminaire to flow directly down to the floor, while the acrylic reflector creates a more diffuse lighting for illuminating bookshelves and other elevated objects in the space.

Longer lasting lamps. LED lamps last up to 10 years depending on the model.

Low enough to not generate heat. The energy-saving feature means that there is no heat loss during the production process, so the lamp feels cool to the touch.

Change the light bulb less. This is especially useful in professional situations where you need to use lamps for a long time, so your employees can focus on their work.

Provides a better return on watts consumed and lumens produced. Over time, this will help you save on electricity bills.

When figuring out what type of fixtures you will need a few rule of thumbs should make your choices easier.

First of all, how high you will install your led device.

Secondly, your lighting has a lot to do with the lighting you need. Namely (factory, warehouse, production area, passage)

Third, how much lighting automation do you want. An example of this is whether you want your lighting to be turned off by the sensor itself, or you can turn them on and off every night. By choosing automated routes, they can save energy significantly.

Fourth, how will you wire your lighting installation. There are two options here, the first is hard wire and the second is wire and plug. In these two kinds of wiring, the convenience of installing these lights is very obvious.

FFifth, how do you plan to install your UFO high bay device. The great thing about these lamps is that you can use a hook option to hang the lamps in place of old traditional lamps. This allows quick and easy replacement of old lighting technology.

The lumen output and watt output of these lamps can be from quite a number of brands. Make sure to pay close attention to the lumens per watt of the lamp you are buying, they can be many and should be a huge deciding factor.

Light propagation and optics play a big role in the distribution of light along the surface of the area where you are lighting.

Be very careful when using inferior products and lighting fixtures with inferior components. Some problems with bad parts can cause premature wear and flickering lights.

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