Are you still worrying about how to install the ceiling fan with light and remote sale? Here are the specific steps for your reference.

Step 1: To de-energize the circuit, remove the corresponding fuse or trip the corresponding circuit breaker. In addition, you can also operate the main switch to cut off the main power supply at home bai.

Step 2: Remove the original light fixture from the ceiling. Most lamps are fixed on the ceiling with bolts or screws, and the connection can be disconnected after removing the cover.

Step 3: Lower the light fixture and disconnect the wire. Mark each wire with masking tape for easy identification later.

Step 4: Check the manufacturer’s instructions on wiring color coding and recommended ceiling fan installation steps. In most households, there are two wires in the circuit and three wires in the lamp. Connect the black wire to the black wire and the white wire to the white wire, and then connect the remaining ground wire (bare wire or green wire) to the metal junction box or other locations recommended by the manufacturer. Use a wire nut to connect and check whether it is secure after connecting.

Step 5: Check the wiring, consult the manufacturer’s instructions, and then carefully push all the wires into the junction box (metal box or plastic box for electrical connection).

Step 6: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the ceiling fan to the junction box or hook.

Step 7: If you install an electric light under the fan, make sure that the two components belong to the same brand and are designed to work together (this makes the installation process much easier). Remove the bottom cover from the fan unit, then pull out the ends of all loose wires, and then connect them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It usually means that the black wire is connected to the black wire, the white wire is connected to the white wire, and the ground wire is connected to the ground wire.

Step 8: Re-energize the circuit and test the system. In fact, many home appliance repairs can be done by yourself. But please make sure to take corresponding safety precautions and contact professionals in time when necessary.

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