Shoebox light fixture is usually the size of shoes, ranging from one foot long to 16 inches long. These shoebox light fixture can be found in parking lots, county fairs and gymnasiums. Despite their small size, these lamps can save up to 80% of energy. After installation, you can easily adjust them to control the direction of light and the shape of the coverage area.

What are the different types of shoebox light fixture?

Although the shapes of the lamps may be similar, the types of shoebox light fixture are also different. These include metal halide lamps, sodium vapor lamps and LED light sources.

Metal halide street lamps:

Sodium vapor street lamps:

LED shoebox light fixture:

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. Led shoebox light fixture may have more investment at the beginning, and additional wiring may be required for installation, but they have extremely long service life and high energy efficiency. The purchase price of traditional metal halide and sodium vapor lamps may be lower, but it will not last for long.

What are the advantages of shoebox light fixture?

Shoebox light fixture has many advantages. They have the same lighting as more power consuming metal halide lamps and sodium vapor lamps. They are designed to cope with harsh outdoor environments. When power is turned on, they do not need time to warm up. In addition, they can be equipped with photoelectric sensors that can turn on and off lights at sunset and sunrise, thus further improving the efficiency of lamps.

How many volts is a shoebox light fixture?

The most common shoebox light fixture operating voltage is 120 volts (62%), followed by 240 volts (28%). Most of the entities with led shoebox light 150w (82%) use a separate photocell to control the on / off function of led shoebox pole light.

How do you install a shoebox light fixture?

Although the shoebox light fixture has a long service life, it is a vulnerable part. If we want to extend the service life, we should maintain it regularly and keep it in good repair condition. Here are some installation guidelines and maintenance steps for your reference.

  • Choose same proper installation tools

The installation kit includes a full set of wrench, 30cm adjustable wrench, screwdriver, wire stripper, multimeter, multiple wires, 50m tape, electrical tape, work truck with lifeguard, warning sign, flashing light with lifting platform. Some of these tools will be provided by manufacturers.

  • Shoebox Light Fixture Installation Cautions

First of all, construction personnel must have relevant professional knowledge. Then, protect with soft cloth or other protective materials when the lamp fixture is facing down. In addition, do not operate in an electrical environment. Finally, determine whether the weather is in line with the outdoor high-power working range. When the wind is more than level 4, you cannot perform the pole installation work.

  • Shoebox Light Fixture Installation Working Guide

Preparation: open the outer package, remove the packaging material above the lamp, and then take out the lamp. Then check whether the parts or accessories and manual are complete according to the list of goods and accessories in the packing box. Finally, check whether the fastener is firm and the lamp assembly is correct, and debug the power supply of the lamp to ensure that the bulb works normally.

A. shoebox light fixture installation guide

1)When grounding the yellow or yellow green wire, connect the lamp power line to the cable of the lamp pole control box (or connector).
2)Connect the black and white (or brown and blue) wires, making sure that the wire connection points must be protected or waterproof.
3)If there is no yellow or yellow green wire, lock the ground wire to the screw of the driver and make sure that you connect the screw to the metal housing of the bulb.
4)Combination of lamp cap hole and cantilever. Adjust the direction of the lamp so that the lamp and lamp module can fully illuminate the effective area of the road.
5)Tighten the screw and fix the lamp, and test whether the lamp works normally.

B. Electrical Safety measures

1)The switch of the distribution box should be set separately, and the single brake power supply with two-stage leakage protection device must be adhered to. Distribution box, distribution box must be firmly installed, and pay attention to moisture.
2)The insulation of lighting wire is good, and the wire should not be dragged or tied to the angle of the shell.
3)Distribution box and distribution box: use standard distribution box, switch device in the distribution box must be intact, and install leakage protector in the distribution box. The electric box with metal shell must be grounded.


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