Life on Earth is possible because of the energy that comes from the Sun. Around half of the light reaching our atmosphere actually passes through the air and clouds to the surface. Then, it is being absorbed and radiated upwards. Around 90% of the heat is then absorbed by greenhouse gases and radiated back towards the surface.

The solar panel, under the control of the intelligent controller, collects solar energy and converts it into electricity when sunrays hit solar cells. The storage battery is charged by the solar battery in the daytime, and then it powers the LED lamp at nighttime. Controller plays a very important role in protecting storage battery from being overcharged or over-discharged.

1.What is the advantage of street light?

  •  It is easier to install a solar street light than other kind of street lights. You just need to make up cement, dig a one-meter-deep hole and then bolt it. So the complex lines which are essential to other lamps will never be of necessity to solar street light.
  • Solar street lamp brings long-term benefits. With a simple circuit, solar street light can save the cost of maintenance and a large amount of electricity.
  • Solar street lamp, a kind of clean energy, accelerates the development of human ecology residential district and reduces property management cost. As a result, solar street light has advantages in environment protecting, energy saving, being free of maintenance and easy in installation.
  • Solar street lights have a longer serving life than other ordinary street lights. It can serve about 5 to 10 years compared to a low pressure sodium lamp, with 18,000 hours service.

2.What is a solar street light?

1.It starts working at sunrise when the solar panels charge the solar light battery and save it until night. The place of the solar light and its direction is determined by a specialist who puts in his consideration various factors, such as the installation place, weather condition, direction of the wind, sunrise, etc.

2.After charging the solar panels during daylight and at sunset the solar panels work as photocell in the way that communicates with the electronic controls and generates the light all the night until the dawn.

3.It is worth mentioning here that the solar cell has multiple layers made from silicone and other chemicals which play a role in producing negative electrons and the sunlight moves these negative-charged electrons to positive-charged spaces.

4.The process of charging the battery is repeated every day, but the energy that is charged differs from one day to another depending on the strength of the sun and other weather conditions.

3.How much does a solar street light cost?

  • It is less expensive, setup is quicker, costs less to fix & have an extended service life.
    The Advantages of all-in-one incorporated solar street lights
  • It very well may be put in exclusively, no need to dig out hole, covering lines, backfilling & sparing development cost.
  • There is no compelling reason to buy power capacity increment gadget, to spare the expense of the applicable gadgets.
  • All-in-one incorporated solar street lights can recognize full-automatic control, no necessity personnel management, to spare administration cost.
  • It is fueled by daylight, not to expend regular energy, to spare activity cost.
  • It is straightforward to keep up, it wouldn’t have electric shock mishap, exceptionally safe to utilize.

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