With the rapid development of the real estate industry, municipal construction is constantly improving and developing, and urban greening projects are also constantly advancing. At present, many places, including communities, parks, squares, etc., have lawns, and lawn landscape lights are naturally becoming An indispensable kind of lamps.

How far should the solar landscape lights be arranged? For this problem, we need to analyze it from a professional perspective.

Solar landscape lights are a kind of lamps that are obviously different from street lamps and indoor lamps. They are usually made into more unique shapes to show the same effect as sculptures. The spacing of the solar landscape lights must be careful. It should not be too dense, it will look a little stiff, but if it is too scarce, it will also make the lawn more monotonous, and it will not be able to exert the effect of lighting and decoration. Under normal circumstances, solar landscape lights will be appropriately encrypted near steps, grass, corners, and flower stands. This arrangement not only beautifies the environment, but also provides a guarantee for people’s safety when walking at night.

The spacing of solar landscape lights will have different spacings for different needs. For example, if it is required for environmental decoration and convenient travel, under normal circumstances, the distance should be 6~8 meters. For the 3.5-meter-high solar landscape lights, the light source is 15-30W, and the spacing should be between 8-12 meters. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the usage of the battery of solar landscape lights. Sometimes the weather conditions are not ideal. You can also choose auxiliary power to achieve lighting, so you also need to pay attention to the size of the spacing.

Through the above introduction, we can find that the spacing of solar landscape lights is not generalized, nor is it fixed, but needs to be set according to different occasions, different lighting colors and many other different settings. In the residential area, the requirements for light are not very high, but in public places such as squares, the requirements for light are slightly higher, so the spacing arrangement must also be good. Solar landscape lights not only need to achieve good lighting and make it easy for people to appear, but also create a good atmosphere, as well as a beautiful and decorative effect. In the specific installation, it needs to be considered comprehensively.

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