Led neon light signs are developed from neon signs but more and more popular than neon signs. Neon works are either in the form of signboards, giving people an exquisite and beautiful feeling, or in large-scale and large-scale shapes to form a shocking large scene; changing patterns, flashing lights, and bright neon make the night sky full of vitality and life Full of fun.

What are led neon light signs made of?

Now led neon light signs are replacing neon lights to become the beautician of the city. What led neon light signs brings us is a wonderful and dreamy visual feast. Led neon light signs are made of led flexible neon light, which are very flexible, with a protection level of IP65, can adapt to various indoor and outdoor humidity environments, and can be twisted at will.

So being made from this kind of material, how long do led neon light signs last?

Led neon light signs Lifespan?

As most people who have been used to led flexible neon light trust that it can save energy with a low power consumption because its light source is LED.

The launch of this led flexible neon light has a life span of 50,000 hours longer than the glass tube neon lights used in the past. Based on the LED technology, the new structure and PVC material have no doubt about their durability, because there is no need to worry about the led neon light signs will have the problem of breaking that glass neon lights faced.

Generally speaking, the lifespan of led neon light signs is around 8-15 years.

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