People are asked if the cheering and shouting that affects them most at football matches are them? Almost 99% answered that it was lights. Because some football field lights are too bright to affect players’ eyes, and some football fields are too dark to affect players’ games. Therefore, we find it very important to replace or upgrade football field lights.

Most people would say how much does it cost to replace a new football field light? How to find the best and lowest cost stadium lights? Maybe you’ll say I don’t have a stadium, should I watch it? If you love sports, you can’t miss it. Below we will tell you: how much are lights for football field.

Point 1: Cost mix for football pitch lighting

Football floodlights are an important part of a football field. Before buying, you should understand the cost mix of football field lighting. It consists of 4 parts:

Football field lighting fee, electricity fee, football field lighting installation fee (floodlight installation fee), maintenance fee.

1) How much do lights for football field cost on a high school field?

Taking a typical high school stadium as an example, the total cost of stadium lighting is between $18,000 and $300,000, but this is an estimate. The cost of football field lights depends not only on the brand and quality of the lights, but also on the level of lighting and the type of sports, and the price of lights cannot be unified.

  • Check how many watts are needed: To get the cost of football field lights, we need to calculate the number and wattage of football floodlights. Using dialux to simulate a typical high school football field, the size is about 100*60m, and 4 masts are 20m high, so it takes about 20 Led 1000w to reach 300lx (the lighting standard of training and entertainment football field). Each light pole is installed with 5 stadium lights, and 20 Led 2000w football field lights can directly replace 40 MH 2000w.
  • Calculate the cost of lights for football field: The average price of a 1000-watt LED floodlight in the lighting market is around $700. It can replace 2000w metal halide lamps, we will find traditional 2000w MH lamps 2000w for around $50. Led stadium lights are much cheaper than MH lights, why do more than 80% of buyers still choose to replace metal halide lights with LED stadium lights? Because we can’t judge the lighting cost of a football field based on a single lamp, let’s discuss it.

2) How much electricity does a football field use? What is the electricity bill for lights for football field?

Currently, most people take energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions very seriously. Therefore, the electricity bill for football stadium floodlights has always been the most important cost issue for football stadiums.

There are three main stadiums:

MetLife Stadium, M&T Bank Stadium and Mercedes-Benz Stadium, each achieved a 75% increase in energy efficiency from 2012 to 2020 and reduced electricity bills by 5 million kWh – equivalent to a full year The energy used to heat 440 homes saves approximately $900,000 per stadium per year.

Energy saving is only a small part of it, how to save another part in the installation and maintenance cost of lights for football field?

3) What is the installation cost of lights for football field?

  • Football field lighting installation costs: The average installation cost is $70,000 to $79,134 for indoor stadiums and $79,134 to $2,458,17 for outdoor stadiums. The price is not fixed and depends on the lighting standard of the football field.
  • High mast light pole reinforcement cost: You may ask, why should you consider the cost of high mast light pole reinforcement? In fact, it accounts for a significant portion of the lighting cost of a football field. For example, we will see nearly 120 metal halide lamps installed on each light pole, the weight of each light is 30kg on average, and each light pole needs to withstand 3600kg. Therefore, the cost of strengthening the light pole will be higher. Otherwise the light pole will likely fall off during a football match, how dangerous it would be!

But if it is replaced with Led football field lights, about 50 lights can replace 120 MH lights, which greatly reduces the carrying capacity of the high mast, and there is no need to worry about the extra cost of the light pole.

4) What is the maintenance cost of lights for football field?

Since metal halide football field lights require frequent maintenance, the cost is very high. Although the cost of football field lights is more expensive than traditional lamps, plus maintenance costs, many people may not switch to LED floodlights.

In fact, with the development of LED chip technology, the lifespan of high-quality LED lights can be guaranteed to be almost the same after 10 years.

Life between Led football field lights and MH lights:

If operated for 8 hours a day, Led football field lights can last at least 28 years and ensure almost the same brightness! Although the MH lamp is less than two years old, the brightness can be reduced by more than half within two years.

Although LED stadium lights are a little more expensive than metal halide lights, LED sports lights have 10x longer lifespan, 2x higher brightness, and zero replacement and maintenance costs, but you’ll be paying a hefty sum of annual replacement MH lights.

Do you still think Led stadium lights are more expensive than metal halide lights?

Note: According to feedback from many users, there are many Led lights that are not as good as some big brands of traditional lights? It is not difficult to understand here, because the non-professional high-power LED lamp has a huge light attenuation within 10000hrs, and the market feedback proves that it is not as good as the traditional lamp. So before paying attention and buying stadium floodlights, you must understand the basic 5 influencing factors.

Point 2: Why is the main trend to replace metal halides with LED stadium lights?

1) Reduce high-altitude work during stadium lighting maintenance

Based on market feedback, we have collected headaches about metal halides:

Football field light poles are generally 30-40m or higher, and many light poles have no lifting and maintenance platform. Traditional MH sports lights require frequent maintenance or replacement, while repairs require a crane to place the light pole on the ground. We all know that renting a crane abroad is expensive and difficult, and the fall of the light pole will also cause great damage to the football field.

Professional Led sports lighting has a lifespan of at least 28 years with no maintenance and replacement costs, not to mention labor costs. It also keeps workers and stadiums safe.

Therefore, LED football field lighting is becoming a global trend.

2) Spend what you really need to spend

According to the cost combination of stadium lamps, it is not difficult to find that we must not only consider the procurement cost, but also consider the superposition of a series of costs in the entire football stadium engineering process. LED lights used in football fields are 75% more energy efficient than traditional lamps. And greatly increase the safety and firmness of your use.

3) No carcinogens, safe and environmentally friendly

After the epidemic, people are more and more concerned about their health. Unlike MH lamps, led football floodlights do not contain toxic and carcinogenic substances such as lead and mercury. In addition, LED floodlights are UV-resistant, safe and environmentally friendly.

4) Protect your eyes and those of your neighbors

The advanced optical design of Led football field lights increases the utilization rate of light by 98%, without light pollution and reducing glare. Protect your eyes by preventing lighting pollution from entering your neighbor’s yard.

Tip: If you’re tired, adjust your phone’s brightness to relax your eyes.

Point 3: 4 Tips for Identifying LED Sports Lighting Manufacturers

1) Identify the supplier’s business license

Check the supplier’s business license at

Enter the company’s Chinese name or social unified credit code. If it can be found and consistent with the content on the business license, it means that the company does exist.

2) Check the supplier’s project qualification

You can go to their website to see if they have done any Led lighting projects for international football stadiums to see if he is qualified to meet engineering standards. If you are close to the project location, you can go to the site to see their actual results.

3) Quality inspection standard

Although quality inspection is complex and responsible, it is the most important step to ensure product quality. Otherwise, you will lose the public’s trust.

  • Suppliers must conduct preliminary checks on the quantity and quality of raw materials
  • IPQC and QC are responsible for a series of tests after production to ensure that the finished product has no failure rate
  • Test before packaging, with written test report. This is to ensure that your order requirements are met.

4) Prevent suppliers from being blacklisted – intellectual property

Every buyer only pays attention to price and quality, but most people ignore it and it will take a huge toll on your business – intellectual property.

For example, Company “A” infringes on Company “B”‘s product, and you buy from Company “A”. Once the goods arrive at customs, company “A” will be reported by company “B” and will be blacklisted by customs. And all your goods will be detained or destroyed, facing huge losses.

Checking whether the manufacturer has a patent certificate and filing with customs in advance ensures that the products you buy must comply with laws and regulations, and can also protect the price you sell in the market.

Point 4: Recommended professional stadium lighting suppliers

Some well-known manufacturers, they specialize in the sports lighting industry, provide you with suitable lighting solutions and one-stop service.

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