In daily work, companies will always work in dangerous places. If safety measures are not implemented in place, construction workers and expensive equipment will face the threat of potential explosions. In reality, high-quality explosion-proof lights are used in many industries such as the oil refining industry, chemical industry, food processing industry, and mining industry, because ordinary lighting is not capable of protecting workers when working in hazardous areas. Therefore, for any company operating in hazardous areas, explosion-proof lighting must be used. By using explosion-proof lighting, the potential risk of explosion caused by dangerous gases such as propane and methane can be greatly reduced. As relevant personnel, we must be more aware of the importance of Explosion Proof Lights. This article will give you a deeper understanding of explosion-proof lights, and hope to help you.


“Explosion-proof” means that the design of the lamp can prevent the sparks generated by its internal failure from leaking, thereby preventing the external explosion from sparks. It does not mean that the surrounding environment explodes and the lamp is intact.

The explosion-proof lamp uses an extremely sturdy metal housing and lens. When the internal luminaire fails to cause sparks, the thick metal casing and lens will wrap the sparks to prevent them from leaking. So, how do you prove that explosion-proof lights can be done? In fact, there are also levels of explosion-proof, waterproof refers to IP65, IP66, etc., and explosion-proof has IK09, IK10, IK10, which has a high level of explosion-proof. Therefore, when buying an explosion-proof lamp, you must ask what is the IK level?

Explosion-proof lights can prevent igniting flammable gases and vapors in a closed environment, reducing the risk of explosion. Therefore, many countries have strict regulations on explosion protection. For example, the National Electrical Code issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or NEC requires all lighting equipment used in hazardous locations to be explosion-proof.

Explosion-proof lights play an irreplaceable role in special industries, and there are other important factors.

High Durability

Compared with ordinary lighting fixtures, explosion-proof lamps are more durable. Explosion-proof lighting fixtures are usually made of thicker and heavier materials. The thickness of the metal shell can reach 1CM. The lens will also use harder tempered glass material, which means that the explosion-proof lamp is stronger and has strong vibration resistance. Explosion-proof lights can be transported from one place to another by forklifts or other transport machinery without being easily damaged. On the other hand, standard lighting fixtures are not suitable for frequent replacement of the ground, because even the slightest collision may cause them to be damaged and malfunctions. Explosion-proof lamps are more portable than standard lamps and are more suitable for harsh working environments. Become an ideal choice for enterprises operating in mobile lighting.

Higher Efficiency

Explosion-proof lamps are more energy-efficient than traditional lamps. The energy efficiency of explosion-proof lamps can reach 160Lm/w, while traditional lamps are only 50Lm/w to 80Lm/w. It can be said that the brightness has doubled. At the same time, the energy consumed by explosion-proof LED lights is one third of that of standard lighting fixtures. This means that the explosion-proof lamp can work under its original illuminance and can last up to 70,000 hours. Therefore, explosion-proof LED lights have a longer life and brighter. The use of explosion-proof lights can save costs for enterprises.

Environmental Friendly

In addition to high efficiency, explosion-proof lamps are more environmentally friendly because they do not contain environmentally harmful substances such as mercury and lead. This is the same as people’s pursuit of safety and environmental protection. This is also one of the most important factors for the popularity of explosion-proof lamps.

As a participant in the lighting industry, we are well aware of the benefits of explosion-proof lights, which can give you more benefits. If your company operates in a confined space in a dangerous place, such as an oil rig, petrochemical plant and other confined spaces with low visibility and mobility, explosion-proof lights will bring unlimited help and a sense of safety.

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