There are too many solar path light manufacturers on the market now, with a wide variety of categories and uneven product quality. In addition, in recent years, market competitiveness has continued to increase. Many manufacturers have taken risks and cut corners in order to gain a firm foothold in the competition. As a result, the life of the solar path light is shortened and the failure rate is increased. So how should we choose a high-quality solar path light?

1. Check the accessories procurement channels

In order to save costs, some incompetent manufacturers have made a big fuss on the accessories of solar path light, purchasing some third-rate unqualified suppliers’ accessories, such as: solar panels, light sources, etc., will be purchased from some irregular accessory manufacturers with low prices. The quality is also poor. They can only meet the needs of customers at low prices, but they can’t give customers the quality assurance they really need.

2. Check the manufacturer

Generally speaking, with strong strength and good reputation, the quality of the street lamp housing produced by the manufacturer is naturally better. We can see the formal manufacturers from their qualifications, relevant certificates, and also from the evaluation of the general public.

3. Judge the performance of components

The solar path light system is mainly composed of materials such as controller, solar panel, battery, light source, light pole, and auxiliary materials.

  •  Controller: Whether it has a microcomputer intelligent control system, whether it has other functions such as waterproof, over-discharge, over-shoot, etc.
  •  Solar panel: Consider the panel’s color difference, charging current, material, conversion efficiency and other factors.
  • Battery: It is necessary to understand the specific type, discharge rate, working environment, etc.
  • Light source: Choosing a branded light source is an important step to ensure quality.
  • Light poles and accessories: it depends on the material. Most suppliers use low-quality steel and cold-galvanized surfaces, resulting in poor wind resistance, poor surface treatment processes, and color fading.

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