In US, more and more peopole are pant the cannabis, As a cannabis grower, you understand that to get the best harvest in an indoor garden; you need to set up an environment with the best growing conditions. One of the most important factors to consider is light. Your plants need a light that equals in comparison to that of the sun in a controlled environment. But which light should you choose from all the different types that are flooding the market? And what’s advantages of t8 grow lights?

1.Benefits of T8 grow lights:

  1. Energy saving 50%, cooling without air-conditioning;
  2. Increase the plant growth cycle by 5 days a month;

3, improve the quality, 100 seedlings can reach 98% survival;

  1. Seedlings will grow uniformly without any uneven appearance;

5, root thick branches, green leaves, easy to export;

  1. LED growlightsreduce plant deformities;
  2. LED growlight attenuation can be less than 1/1000;
  3. Long life 2-3 years without replacement;
  4. The light source wavelength range of 660-665nm can promote the flowering and fruition of plants;Blue light can be selected from 460 to 470nm to promote plant growth.Orange light is 610-615nm, green light is 520-530nm, and yellow light is 550-590nm.
  1. Full spectrum T8 grow lights Application:

Full spectrum of T8 tubes ideal plant growth is suitable for various stages of plant growth, and indoor garden, well water solution cultivation and soil cultivation plants work is very good, suitable for any growth period of plants, and culture of aqueous solution or the soil culture effectively, suitable for indoor garden, potted plants, planting, breeding, farms, greenhouses, greenhouse, etc.


  1. Full spectrum T8 grow lights advantages:
  2. Matching science:

The ratio of red and blue flux is scientific and the wavelength is accurate.Scientific studies show that the ratio of red to blue is usually between 4:1 and 10:1, and usually between 4:1 and 7:1.The wavelength of 460nm and about 660nm have the most promoting effect on photosynthesis.

  1. Personalized customization:

The ratio between different lights and the wavelength of LED can be specified by the customer. We suggest that the wavelength of red light should be 660-680nm and that of blue light 460-465nm.Red light promotes plant germination and flowering, blue light promotes plant growth, you can choose more appropriate wavelength and color ratio to promote plant growth;

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection:

As a light source, LED has low power, low energy consumption and high light absorption rate. 90% of the light energy emitted is absorbed by plants.No harmful heavy substances such as lead and mercury;14W LED plant tube can replace 3-5 times the power of traditional lamps, saving 80% of the electricity;

As is known to all, heat has a great impact on the life of LED, and effective heat dissipation is the guarantee of the life of LED.This product adopts high-quality aluminum alloy shell, which can conduct the heat generated by LED out;

  1. Exposure area:

The exposure area and height of the lamp will change accordingly according to different plants and environments, and the technical parameters will also change;

  1. Easy to install:

Input voltage AC176-265V, built-in power supply, no other equipment configuration, direct simple and safe plug into ac176-265V voltage can work, easy to use;

Ideal for all stages of plant growth, the lamp works well with plants grown in indoor gardens, aqueous solution or soil;

6.Installation Notes:

  1. The integrity of the product must be checked before installation of integrated LED t8 grow lights;
  2. When preparing to start installation, the power supply of the original line should be cut off first;
  3. The stainless steel fixing plate fixed on the wall must be fixed with self-tapping screws. It must be sure and secure before the integrated LED t8 grow lights can be stuck in.
  4. The lamp shall not be used in violation of any fire regulations.
  5. Make sure the power is off before maintenance.
  6. Installation must be done by professional electricians.

At present, except the t8 grow lights, lots of grow lights on market:  plant growth lamp, full-spectrum plant growth lamp, indoor plant tissue culture lamp, seedling plant supplement lamp, greenhouse plant supplement lamp, medicinal plant supplement lamp, vegetable plant supplement lamp, flower plant supplement lamp.Not only can it meet the different needs of consumers, Can beautify people’s home environment, improve people’s quality of life. At the same time, our bbier company believes that development comes from the way of innovation, attaches importance to the development of new products, formed a set of perfect quality assurance system.