How To Choose a Cost-effective 100W LED Explosion-proof Light?

There are more and more LED explosion-proof lamp manufacturers on the market, and the quality is uneven. The safe production that we have been advocating cannot be guaranteed. How should we choose cost-effective and safe LED explosion-proof lights?

  1. LED explosion-proof lamp drive power supply:

1: Look for the brand of capacitors. Rubycom (rubycom) is especially common, and Hengying (hy domestic) is more common. Of course, the price is a few cents more expensive than other uncomfortable brands of capacitors.

2: Whether it is equipped with an IC control chip, because the IC control chip has protection functions such as short-circuit prevention, over voltage, overload, and over temperature. As long as these two points are in place, the quality is very good. The following points should be considered when choosing the LED explosion-proof drive power supply: General principles a. According to the 20w current and voltage characteristics of the LED explosion-proof lamp, it is ideal to use a constant current drive. It can avoid the current fluctuation caused by the change of the forward voltage of the LED explosion-proof lamp. At the same time, the constant current makes the brightness of the LED stable. In addition, the LED explosion-proof lamp flux is inversely proportional to the temperature. cooling system.

  1. Material of LED explosion-proof lamp:
  2. Whether the material of the product meets the requirements of the standard. For example, the grades of aluminum alloy shell materials do not meet the requirements of the standard, and some even use scrap aluminum or miscellaneous aluminum die-casting shells; some grades of cast iron shell materials do not meet the requirements; the nameplate material does not meet the standard requirements.
  3. Whether the transparent parts are made of high-strength tempered glass, and whether the reflector is made of nano-reflector, the nano-reflector can reflect the light well. ,
  4. The process of LED explosion-proof lamp:

Whether the process of the product meets the requirements of the standard. If the unevenness of the flameproof surface is out of tolerance, arc-resistant paint is not applied to the flameproof cavity.

  1. The structure of the LED explosion-proof lamp:

Whether the explosion-proof structure of the product meets the standard requirements. If the internal and external grounding terminals are not installed; whether the electrical clearance and creepage are sufficient; the redundant inlet holes are not equipped with steel blocking plates or replaced with paper blocking plates; the matching width or matching clearance of the explosion-proof surface exceeds the standard, and it is explosion-proof Arbitrarily add a gasket between the surfaces; the hardness of the rubber sealing ring used in the introduction device does not meet the requirements; individual companies do not meet the standard requirements of the die-cast product shell.

  1. Light source of LED explosion-proof lamp:

It must be clear whether the light source uses high-quality LED light sources, such as Cree, Preh, Philips and other high-quality LED light sources.

  1. Process and performance test of LED explosion-proof lamp:
  2. The inspection of the product does not meet the requirements of the standard. Most manufacturers do not test the shell, especially the cast iron shell material at all; the water pressure test of the flameproof shell is also useless, from full inspection to random inspection, and some are simply not inspected without water pressure; sand holes and pores on the flameproof surface Severe exceeding the standard; the fasteners on some flameproof enclosures are not fastened securely.
  3. Before leaving the factory, each set of LED explosion-proof lamps must undergo strict performance tests and 12 hours of aging test.
  4. LED explosion-proof lamp certificate:

Every customer must confirm whether the product has a national agency inspection certificate and an explosion-proof certificate when purchasing an LED explosion-proof lamp. If there is no quality guarantee for LED explosion-proof lights? Where does the explosion-proof come from?