Because the LED corn bulb does not use filament, it does not have the defect of the traditional lamp which is easy to break, and its life span has been increased by nearly 10 times.Therefore, the installation of LED corn lights can not only reduce electricity consumption, but also more safe and convenient, more every bustling city has made a contribution to environmental protection and energy saving, but do you know How to choose a good quality led corn bulb?

What are LED corn bulbs?

The LED corn bulb is named after the ear of corn. It is an energy-saving bulb that can replace HID lamps (such as metal halide lamps, mercury vapor lamps and sodium vapor lamps), incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.

They perfectly replace these lights in lighting devices such as high bays, shoe boxes, bollards, pole tops, and other enclosed devices. These old-fashioned lamps usually have an omnidirectional light distribution pattern, and the color temperature ranges from warm to cold.


One feature that distinguishes it from other LED lights is the positioning of the LED chip. They are placed vertically on a metal structure-the “cob”. Due to the use of a large number of light-emitting diodes, the bulb provides bright, wide-range lighting, which is very suitable for commercial environments.

The LED corn bulb is composed of a single light-emitting diode, the number may be different. The number of diodes used usually depends on the size and style of the bulb.


led corn light bulbs Where Are These Lights Used?

LED corn lights are used in streets, roads, football stadiums, car parks, highways, pathways, and in building interiors to replace high bay lights. They offer easy installation and brighten up spaces more than traditional lamps. They are energy-rated replacements for high-lumen lights and work well in both indoor and outdoor spaces.


led corn light application

Construction of a LED Corn Bulb

Just like lighting sources vary, LED corn bulbs are not equal. Some have better construction and components compared to others. High-quality LED lights usually have the following components:

Optics: These evenly distribute the light and are normally made from plastic to minimize the chances of shattering. LED Chips: These small yellow pieces create the light and are usually attached to a metallic piece.

Heat Sinks: These dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs while they are in operation.A heat sink provides the path for heat to travel from the bulb to the outer environment.

Drivers: Also known as circuit boards, the drivers pull power from the sockets and tell the LEDs to switch on, switch off, change color, or dim.

Housing: The housing for a LED light must be conductive to heat as the driver usually heats up when power passes through it.

Base: LED corn lamps can be used in most screw-in sockets. When buying these lamps, be sure to choose the right base. There are LED corn lights for E26 and E27 base bulbs (Medium Edison Screw), and E39 and E40 base bulbs (Mogul Edison Screw).

Benefits of LED Corn Bulbs

Better Energy Utilization

One of the largest energy consumption in the world today is lighting. Due to the current environmental crisis, the world is embracing energy-saving lighting solutions. The traditional lighting system is a huge waste of energy, and only 20% of the energy is converted into light. They convert 80% into heat. On the other hand, LED corn lights have a high energy conversion efficiency, converting 90% of electrical energy into visible light.

Long Lifespan

LED corn light has a long life and will not burn out or fail like traditional light sources. The life of incandescent lamps is 1,000 hours, the life of fluorescent lamps is 15,000 hours, and the rated life of high-pressure sodium lamps is 24,000 hours. In addition, the life of these lamps is usually affected by the switching frequency (fast cycling). The more they are opened and closed, the shorter their life span. The shortest lifespan of high-quality LED lights is 50,000 hours, which can be longer depending on the structure of the lamp or fixture.

Due to the long service life of the LED corn lamp, the cost of replacing the bulb in the commercial environment is reduced, and the maintenance cost of the lighting system is lower. They are also not affected by the switching frequency, and work well with the light control system, further reducing energy consumption.

More Durable

Since LED lamps do not have a glass shell and filament, they can resist breakage, vibration and other shocks. The appearance of traditional lamps is usually glass or quartz, which can be easily damaged. The LED chip is mounted on the circuit board and connected with soldered leads.

Cold Temperature Operation

When used in a low temperature environment, fluorescent lamps require a higher voltage to start, and their luminous flux decreases. In contrast, the performance of LED lights increases as the operating temperature decreases. This feature makes this lamp very suitable for outdoor applications, such as parking lots and building surroundings.

Instant On

The HID lamp did not reach full brightness the moment it was turned on. They need 5 to 15 minutes to reach their maximum light output. In the case of a voltage drop or an instantaneous interruption of the current causing the lamps to go out, they need a “re-ignition” time (gas cooling and pressure drop) to light up again. This may take 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the HID lamp used.

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