As we all know, the workshop is the place where the workers process the products. The workers do not leave the products in their eyes at the end of the day, which will cause fearful damage to the workers’ eyes. Such damage affects not only the health of workers but also the efficiency of the workplace, which is a double loss. So how do you reduce that loss? The answer is to choose a suitable lamp!

What kind of lamp to choose? LED Linear High Bay Light!


The linear high bay light housing is generally cast aluminum housing that has waterproof, easy to install, corrosion-resistant, stable, and other characteristics. Because the lamp tube is long, so lamplight is even, not dazzling. During the work, the light is soft and not harsh, which can avoid to make workers’ eyes tired and affect the vision of workers.

How to choose it?

1)Having safety certification

Check the safety certificate of the products, which are lamps and lanterns of picking out and buying should consider above all. The lamp is hung from the ceiling for a long time and has to withstand a lot of gravity. If the quality is not up to standard, it is easy to cause the lamps to fall off naturally after a long time. When the purchaser is choosing lamps, cannot blindly covet cheap and should inspect quality first, check qualitative guarantee letter, certificate of quality is complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, and the cheap is not necessarily bad. When choosing lamps and lanterns, want to give priority to safety!

2)Select the appropriate color temperature

Color temperature is the most common indicator of light source spectral quality. As the color temperature increases, the proportion of blue radiation increases, and so does the blue light. Color temperature determines the color tendency of the light source. The small numbers of color temperature tend to warm yellow light; the large numbers of color temperature tends to cold. The color temperature range of the floodlight is 3000K to more than 8000K. I recommend choosing 4000K to 5000K for the workshop. The color temperature is closer to the sunlight, which can better protect the eyes.

3)Avoid dazzle

Dazzle, in layman’s terms, refers to the excess light that leaks out. If it is dazzling, it means that the glare level is relatively high. For dazzles, a short period may be no effects. If you stay in a glare environment for a long time, it will unknowingly affect people’s visual health and even mental health. If you want to prevent dazzle, you can use multiple low-power lamps to be installed dispersedly instead of one high-power lamp, or you can install anti-glare grilles, which is common in offices and classrooms.

4) Select high-efficiency lamps

It is no doubt that the first consideration of large factories is profit. Compared with other lights, LED lights are more efficient and more environmentally friendly. At the same brightness, the power of LED is less than “ordinary type,” because LED can emit high brightness light with low consumption. However, other lights need high voltage and high consumption to emit high brightness light.

5) Select high color rendering index lamp

Compared with traditional halogen lamps, today’s LED can adjust the color, and it has caught up with the halogen brightness. The reason for choosing high color render index is that the high color renders index will restore the color of the product in peoples’ eyes, which can be processed more easily so that workers can find the problems of the substitute products and avoid mistakes. Generally, we think that the higher the color rendering, the better. Because of low color rendering, the color of things seen by the human eye will have a large deviation, which is easy to cause visual fatigue.

So, which brand of linear light to choose? Bbier!

This year’s linear lamps developed by Bbier are superior in quality and price. Bbier linear lamps have six wattages to choose from and customers can choose according to the size of the site. This linear lamp can provide customized service for customers, which is very professional. Are you still concerned that linear lights take up a lot of space? You don’t have to worry, Bbier’s linear lights can be connected with the chain, which takes up very little space. Bbier’s linear lamps also have a derivative, LED Classroom Lighting, for classrooms. Compared with the traditional LED lamp, LED Classroom Lighting can better relieve students’ eye fatigue.

Finally, the LED linear high bay light is your only choice if you own a workshop. If you are a loving businessman or want to improve the efficiency of the workers, please choose to install linear lights!