How To Choose The Best Solar Post Lights?

In recent years, have you noticed that the traditional street lamps have been gradually replaced by LED solar light when you walk in tourist attractions, parks and streets?Why are there more and more solar street lights in the streets? Why is it?

Because countries strongly advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, the solar energy is a new energy source and renewable resource. The principle is mainly through absorbing solar energy, converting light energy into electric energy, storing it in the battery, and lighting up according to the set time. The Led Solar light saves the country’s energy consumption, thereby reducing energy emissions, so its biggest advantage is zero pollution.

So How To Choose The Best Solar Post Lights?

1.To evaluate thestrength of the manufacturer R&D and production capacity

The strength of a manufacturer is very important, because if a manufacturer has a strong strength, the scale of the factory must be large, and there will be many suppliers. They should have multiple choices, they can also give the most benefits to customers. Not only that, the powerful manufacturers can provide you with more suggestions and more professional services.

2.To analysethe detailed configuration of the solar light

If you want to choose a solar street lamp with higher cost performance, you must analyse the detailed configuration of the light. At least you should know the power of the light, the size of the battery board, and the capacity of the battery,etc. Because there is too much fake capacity in the market, you could be easy to be cheated if you don’t know how to distinguish.

3.To check the warranty period

Normally,the warranty period of street light is 1-3 years. The longer the warranty period, the quality is better and the higher the price.

In short, if you want to choose more cost-effective solar light, you must know above three points,so that you can choose the most suitable one after comparison.