When customers come to visit our factory, they usually ask me: now lots of UFO LED high bay lights in Market, can you tell me which model is the Best UFO LED high bay lights, and can you tell me how to choose high quality best UFO LED high bay lights? Now we can share some suggestions to you as below, hope it can be useful for some customers.

Where do you use the UFO LED high bay lights?

UFO LED high bay lights are usually used in a large space that needs to be illuminated, especially for where there are high ceilings.The wide applicability makes adiding high bay lights the ideal luminaire for most indoor scenes, e.g.,industrial places, factories, workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, toll stations, and highest ceiling application.

UFO LED high bay lights’ advantages:

1. Ultra-long lifespan: Since the birth of LEDs, it is a recognized fact that the lifespan of LEDs is longer than that of other kinds of lamps on the market. Among all light sources, stable,, and lighting time are the lights in all high bay lights, while LED high bay lights The best UFO in the world, its design life is far beyond that of other lighting products (the long lifespan comes from the integrity of the lighting itself)
2. High efficiency and energy saving: As a new generation of light source, LED’s luminous efficiency and energy saving benefit ratio are unquestionable NO..1Its system luminous efficiency is 10 times that of incandescent lamps. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, it can save energy by 150%, and compared with ordinary energy-saving lamps, it can save energy by 5%. Under the same power consumption, LED high bay lamps are more efficient than other lamps. Incomparable.
3. Green and environmental protection: no stroboscopic, low glare. LED is made of a silicon chip and does not contain any toxic chemical components. Compared with energy-saving lamps, LEDs are truly pollution-free green light sources.
4. Good color rendering: The color rendering index is greater than 80, which is infinitely close to natural light, and the lighting is extremely comfortable. It can be made into color bubbles, which can achieve different light color lighting required by various use environments.
5. Instant start: the start time is less than 0.1 second, the lighting starts instantly
6. UFO LED high bay lights have exquisite appearance, stable structure and perfection.

Use the US hook, US plug, 5-feet cable, and safety wires to quickly install your high bay UFO fixture. Simple and straightforward setup. Optional acrylic accessories are available.

100% aluminum design makes high bay led lighting the most effective compact option on the market. Best quality materials and craftsmanship.

Using high bay dimmable lighting:
UFO LED high bay lights come with the dimming function. A 100watt high bay dimmable is sufficient for a small office. You can get the dimmable lighting with any power requirement, like 300W 240W 200W, 150W and 100W high bay dimmable lighting for you.

UFO LED high bay lights can be used indoors or outdoors. Ideal for factories, warehouses, and low bay needs like gym, shops, and shopping malls. IP65 approved.

UFO LED high bay lights make the most durable LED utility shop lights. Save time and money by selecting best ufo led high bay lights you can trust.

UFO LED high bay light’s Features:

1. Using philips 3030 single SMD LED (60W-300W) as the light source, the luminous efficiency reaches 130lm/w,max can reach 150lm/w, it has the characteristics of high resonance rate, low light decay, high color rendering and no ghosting;
2. Linear solution without power supply, ultra-high lumen, high cost performance;
3. Ultra-thin lamp body, light and easy to install, the unique integrated design of the radiator lamp body effectively diffuses the conversion, thereby reducing the temperature in the lamp body, and ensuring the replacement of the LED light source for 50,000 hours. According to the calculation of lighting for 8 hours a day, the LED light does not need to be replaced in 3 years.
4. The surface of the lamp is treated with anodized anti-corrosion treatment, which has beautiful structure, anti-corrosion and good dust-proof performance;
5. The energy-saving effect is obvious, using a single chip LED light source, and the sodium lamp can save more than 70% of energy;
6. Green and environmentally friendly, no pollution, no lead, mercury and other polluting elements, no pollution to the environment;
7. Good color rendering, showing the actual color more realistically. A variety of light colors can be selected to meet the needs of different environments, eliminate the depressed mood caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, make the vision more comfortable, and improve the work efficiency of workers;
8. Ideal PC lens, good light transmission performance, light transmission rate of more than 90%, 60°90°120° angle optional, to meet your needs.

How to choose high quality best UFO LED high bay lights?

BBier lighting company is your best choose, because it has more than 10 years experences in LED market, and has two warehouses in USA.
What’s more, it has some own Product Highlights:
1. High-purity aluminum lamp body, beautiful appearance, resembling a flying saucer UFO, high-end quality, and very strong structure;
2. Single SMD LED light source, energy saving and environmental protection;
3. Linear solution, super high lumen, high cost performance.