led stadium flood lights can be divided into many types according to the specific use environment, not the same for every stadium. For example, the LED lights used in basketball courts and football courts and badminton venues will definitely be different. When we choose, we must choose according to the lighting needs of our venues.

Below, according to the characteristics of Bbier’s led stadium flood lights, we will analyze how to choose led stadium flood lights step by step:

How to choose led stadium flood lights for football courts?

LED lights have become the mainstream choice for outdoor football stadium lighting. However, in the face of a wide variety of led stadium flood lights on the market, can you really make the right choice?

We know that LED lights used as outdoor lighting will be classified according to their use and applicable places, such as common street lights, landscape lights, industrial and mining lights, tunnel lights and so on. Each type of lights is designed according to a specific use environment, and there will be differences in technical parameters such as power, color temperature, light-emitting angle, and installation methods. Therefore, when choosing led stadium flood lights for football stadiums, we can’t simply apply them, but choose according to the specific needs of football stadium lighting.

1. The football field is wide: The length of the 11-a-side football field is more than 100 meters. Installing lights on such a large sports field requires high power and projection distance of the lamps. According to the different specifications of the football field, 400-800 watt LED lights are generally used. Considering the irradiating distance of the light, we usually choose the concentrating LED lights.

2. The installation height of the football field lights is generally very high. The height of the standard 11-a-side football field light pole can reach 25+30 meters. This height brings a very big test to the daily maintenance and management of lights. Therefore, LED lights used as football field lighting are also superior to other types of lights in various performance indicators. The specific performance is the stability of the chip, good heat dissipation performance of the shell, high protection index, tight sealing of the whole lamp, automatic discharge of water vapor, and stable power supply.

3. The performance indicators of high-quality led stadium flood lights are as follows: use SMD-type series LED chip arrangement, try to choose big brand chips; fin-type heat dissipation shell, high-power lamps with good heat dissipation will help to extend the service life of the lights; lamp shell Install exhaust valves to automatically exhaust the moisture accumulated in the lamp body; controlling the light-emitting angle at 60 degrees can effectively extend the projection distance of the light.

Combining the above three points of analysis, we can compare the performance indicators of outdoor led stadium flood lights, and combined with the actual environment of the venue, we can basically select high-quality LED lights that meet the lighting needs of football stadiums. Applicable all-weather, long service life, sufficient light efficiency, low failure rate, convenient installation-isn’t this the right choice we are pursuing.

How to choose led stadium flood lights for basketball courts?

The basketball court is usually divided into an indoor basketball court and an outdoor basketball court. It is a rectangular solid plane with no obstacles. The stadium lighting should be uniform and the luminosity should be sufficient. The placement of lighting equipment shall not obstruct the vision of the team members. Regarding the choice of lamps, the indoor basketball court is to directly hang lamps on the ceiling of the basketball court with a height of 7 meters. 100W-150W led high bay lights can be used. Outdoor basketball courts usually use light poles as light fixtures. The height of the light pole is 8 meters. You can choose 100W-150W led stadium flood lights or shoebox street lights. The specific lighting colors and parameter requirements can be made on the actual site.

How to choose led stadium flood lights for badminton courts?

Badminton courts are similar to basketball courts. They are divided into indoor badminton courts and outdoor badminton courts. The problem of lighting selection will be different. Because the height is different, indoor badminton courts are also directly suspended vertically on the ceiling of the badminton court with a height of 9 More than 200W LED high bay lights can be used, depending on the site requirements. Outdoor badminton courts also use light poles as lighting brackets. The height of the light poles is 10 meters. You can choose more than 200W led stadium flood lights or special for badminton courts. light.


Led stadium lights are determined according to the use environment of the venue. Different use venues are divided into different types of lamps, light source illuminance, installation scientific spacing, etc. Led stadium flood lights are divided into ordinary stadium lights and special stadium lights. The styles include ordinary led flood lights and spotlight led flood lights. You can choose the style according to the information provided by the Bbier manufacturer, or let Bbier directly provide the lighting solution.

LED lights have gradually replaced traditional metal halide lamps and become the ideal choice for outdoor large-scale stadium lighting. Special led stadium flood lights have become more and more popular due to their high luminous efficiency, low carbon and energy saving, small size and light weight. Here, Bbier will explain the selection of LED lights for stadium lighting through detailed technical parameters.

The performance of LED lights mainly depends on the three aspects of chip, driving power supply and shell heat dissipation:

1. Technical parameters such as chip stability, luminous efficiency, luminous decay, power factor, color temperature, and arrangement are important factors that affect the quality of lamps. For outdoor football stadium lighting, we can provide long-term design and installation practices for everyone Provide parameter reference, whether it is chip or integrated (COB) chip, good stability is the key, light efficiency ≥130LM/W, color rendering index ≥80Ra, light decay period not less than 3 years, power factor Above 0.95, the color temperature is greater than or equal to 5500K is white light. I believe that with the reference of these technical parameters, everyone will have a clear idea when choosing the chip configuration of the football field lamp.

2. The LED lamp drive power supply is also the key to directly determine the overall performance of the lamp. Whether it is an external power supply or a built-in power supply, it requires good stability and adaptability to different climates. In this regard, our commitment to a 3-year warranty is usually It is to choose a large brand reliable power supply.

3. The housing of LED lamps mainly considers two factors, one is the heat dissipation performance of the housing, and the other is the sealing and waterproof performance. The fin-type heat dissipation shell design has been recognized by the industry for its excellent heat dissipation performance. On the basis of the fin-type heat dissipation design, Yogurt Sports Lighting incorporates the technology of respirator (that is, the installation of breathing apparatus in the appropriate position of the lamp shell) It is convenient to remove the heat and humidity from the lamp body in time, and at the same time block external moisture from entering the lamp body), so the heat dissipation performance is very good. On the other hand, there is airtightness. In addition to considering the scientific design of the lamp housing, the details of the sealing rubber ring and the connection port are also the top priority. The overall protection level should not be less than IP65, and it should not be low in a hot and humid climate all year round. In IP66.

In summary, Bbier manufacturers are used as LED lights for outdoor large-scale stadium lighting, and are used in various harsh environments such as outdoor high-altitude. When choosing lamps, they must be scientifically selected based on specific technical parameters and actual needs. The football field is equipped with high-quality lighting system, which is not only a good expectation of the sports lighting industry, but also the welfare of the users.

Below Bbier will introdue prohibited lighting area on the football field:

  •  Prohibited lighting areas on the football field

There is a misunderstanding about the lighting of the football field. There are some areas where sports lighting is prohibited. The main areas are 15° (with TV broadcast) or 10° (without TV broadcast) on both sides of the bottom line and the range below the 60° elevation angle behind the goal.

This FIFA requirement is to prevent sports lighting from interfering with athletes, especially goalkeepers, and affecting the normal performance of the game. The starting point is correct, but the measures are questionable!

  • It is better to prohibit lights from interfering with players on football fields

You must know that it is the light that interferes with the athletes’ normal competition, not the location of the lighting! Therefore, the lighting area and the projection angle of the light are more important.

For track and field stadiums and football stadiums, the above prohibited lighting areas can be illuminated. A common practice in engineering practice is to turn off the lights in this area in the football game mode and only use it during track and field games. Therefore, no light is projected into the field, and it will not affect the athletes’ normal competition.

For football stadiums, sports lighting fixtures can also be installed in this area. However, the aiming angle of the lamp should be avoided to project into the area that can affect the athletes’ competition. There are mainly the following two situations:
The corner kick area is forbidden to place lights. If lighting fixtures are arranged, it is necessary to avoid projecting lights to the large restricted area and surrounding areas;

Lamps can still be installed in areas where lighting cannot be installed, but the projection point of the lamps must be outside the restricted area. The lighting in the restricted area is projected by lamps installed in other areas.

The projection angle of the lamps in the area behind the goal cannot be projected into the restricted area and the field, but can be projected on the field outside the bottom line, so that it will not interfere with the athletes.

In fact, FIFA allowed the placement of sports lighting fixtures in the aforementioned prohibited lighting areas during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, but it has strict requirements on the projection angle of the fixtures. On the basis of the research and application practice of the football federations of all continents, the introduction of the new FIFA standard will be a matter of course.

It is not difficult to see that the FIFA standard supports the use of a circular layout for football field lighting, provided that the projection angle and light control must be designed well, which also subverts the tradition.

Conclusion: It is a misunderstanding that the traditionally forbidden lighting of the football stadium is actually a misunderstanding. It is better to forbid lighting projection or passing through the area that affects the normal game of athletes.

What are features of Bbier led stadium flood lights?

Bbier, a Professional China led stadium flood lights Supplier, we offer 300w 450w 500w 600w 640w 800w 960w led stadium flood lights with 5000K, IP65 waterproof. We have 10 Years of LED Lights Development Experience, 5 R&D Engineers, 50 LED lights patents, 200 LED Lights Certifications, all LED Stadium Lights products have 5 Years Warranty.

  1. Replace conventional Stadium Lights.
  2. Precision Die Cast Aluminum Housing.
  3. Fade Resistant Powder Coat Finish.
  4. Easy Installation.
  5. CE ROHS listed.
  6. Beam angle:10 25 60 degrees.
  7.  Aluminum die-casting heat sinks is good for heat dissipation.
  8. It’s major to replace the conventiona stadium light.
  9. Green, energy saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours.
  10. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation ,no mercury pollution.
  11. Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
  12. Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance.
  13. Environment friendly ,energy saving (70~80%).
  14. Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.
Power 300W 500W 600W 800W 1000W 1200W
CCT 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K RGB
Beam Angle 15°30°60° 90°
Luminous Source SMD 3030
Operation Temp. -40 to +45℃
Life Span 50,000 hours at 25℃
Voltage 100-277VAC/50-60HZ, 347-480VAC available
Driver Mean well power supply
Dimming Available
Sensor Microwave sensor Daily sensor available
Control System Zigbee control system + single controller
Cover Transparent, Matte, Lens available
IP 65
PF >0.95
Warranty 5 Years

The led stadium flood lights made by Bbier are made of high-quality aviation aluminum, built-in high-quality aviation liquid copper tube for heat dissipation, and strengthens the heat dissipation function. The integrated design of light source, lamp body and lamp cup is reinforced and waterproof, strong light transmission, and UV resistance.

The led stadium flood lights are waterproof, explosion-proof, shock-proof and anti-shock. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Adopt internationally recognized Meanwell Taiwan Meanwell power supply, good ventilation and heat dissipation, and comply with safety inspections to ensure safe use.

Bbier led stadium lights adopts international brand imported Philips light source, with low light decay, high brightness and strong stability.

Humanized structure design makes the installation and maintenance of lamps easier. Suitable for multiple installation methods.

Any interest in Bbier’s led stadium flood lights for your project? Just have a call or contact us online, you will be pleasantly surprised to find us a good and reliable supplier, as well as interesting partner in global business.