There is nothing like spending a summer night outdoors. Sitting with friends by the fire and laughing is where friendship really grows. Although the night is magical and mysterious, navigating in the dark is difficult. Tripping over a chair and tumbling in a backpack is a painful thing. Mini camping Lanterns are an important part of camping equipment to illuminate you. In this article, I will lead you to what’s advantages of mini Mini camping Lanterns.

What’ features of Mini camping Lanterns?

  1. Using LED cold light source, high efficiency and energy saving, no obstruction, no flicker, no hot
  2. High-brightness white light, concentrated and stable light beam, LED lamp holder is composed of 11 LED luminous bodies, with a life span of more than 100,000 hours, and there is no need to consider replacing the lamp holder for life.
  3. Unique high-quality PVC plastic shell, light and strong, the switch is in the middle, and the upper battery is at the bottom.
  4. Electric camp lights are smaller, lighter, and easier to carry than traditional camp lights! Moreover, using AA batteries is more convenient than traditional camp lights using AA batteries! It is your choice for home and camping! Small investment, high cost performance. Especially economical!
  5. Strengthen the waterproof design to easily cope with the harsh outdoor environment

Shopping tips of Mini camping Lanterns


Light output is measured in lumens; the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Not all mini camping lanterns are equal; some values are measured inside the bulb, while others are measured outside the bulb (this value is called the “outside” value). In general, brighter lights consume more energy, so many models offer multiple modes or brightness levels. The lumen of the lamp is about 40 and can reach 700 in the brightest mode; most lamps will provide some in the 150-350 lumens range. 100 lumens of wandering around the camp at night is enough.

Remember that the perceived brightness will be affected by optics and design; some mini camping  lanterns will provide good lighting on the table, while other lanterns will project their light farther. How many lumens do you need? Less than 100 is the best choice for lighting tents

About 200 is enough to set up a tent.

Size and weight

Although not a definite rule, the size and weight are usually proportional to the light output of the mini camping lanterns. Smaller lanterns are very suitable for backpackers because they have a low output and weigh only a few ounces. This low output is sufficient when eating a meal or reading in your tent. On the other hand, larger lanterns will weigh a few pounds, but can illuminate the entire camp and subsequent celebrations. When calculating the total weight of the mini camping lanterns, the weight of the energy source should also be considered. Light without energy is useless!


It is important to note that the battery type is important when using mini camping lanterns. Some mini camping lanterns can use alkaline batteries and lithium batteries, but not every lantern can. In addition, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are a good way to use rechargeable “main” power supplies. When the ambient temperature is below freezing point, the capacity of alkaline batteries will be reduced by about half. Although lithium batteries cannot maintain their full capacity, they perform better at lower temperatures. If you must use an alkaline setting, I recommend putting the battery in an inner pocket or sleeping bag to prevent the cold from draining the battery.

Water resistance

Few mini camping lanterns or lamps are fully immersed and waterproof, but many provide water and splash resistance. These standards are called international protection marks and will provide you with insights about what your mini camping lanterns can withstand. In general, the IPX-0 rating means that there is absolutely no protection against water ingress, while the IPX-8 rating guarantees the function after 3 meters underwater. For outdoor leisure use, the IPX-4 rating is sufficient; it can prevent splashes in any direction. Click here to see the complete list of different IPX ratings.

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