LED lights are divided into ordinary lights and special lights. General professional venues are dedicated LED lights. We call them LED stadium lights, and they can meet the special needs of stadiums. The main differences between it and ordinary LED lights are as follows.

The color temperature of professional floodlights for venues is tailored for various venues, making athletes, referees and spectators more comfortable;

The special floodlights for stadiums and sports games use military phase change heat dissipation technology and high thermal conductivity materials. This technology and material reduces energy consumption, reduces the weight of the lamp, and especially has better thermal conductivity, while ordinary LEDs use ordinary aluminum profiles;

The color rendering index of the professional floodlights in the venue is greater than 80, the color is more realistic, and the real beauty of the venue is restored. Ordinary LED screen faces are blurred and deformed;

The venue floodlights are special lamps with no light pollution, overflow and glare control, and professional light distribution design, which can effectively prevent overflow and glare, and reduce the overflow of general venues by more than 37%. Ordinary LED lights have scattered light, which is everywhere. Lights are easy to disturb;

The special lighting for professional LED venues has constant illumination technology, and the illumination and uniformity remain unchanged for 5,000 hours; ordinary LED illumination and uniformity are not constant;

The stadium floodlight adopts a professional light distribution system and a point-by-point light distribution system, which has a more prominent energy-saving effect. Various light distribution designs can achieve precise light distribution, and can achieve lighting effects with more uniform illumination. Ordinary LED lighting effects are either too bright or too dazzling. If it is not bright enough, there will be obvious dark areas and uneven light;

Stadium lighting professional floodlights are maintenance-free for more than three or five years, without any maintenance costs, and the effect and quality are more guaranteed.

In short, professional comprehensive gymnasiums often have different events. Sports events of different events will have different requirements for the parameters of venue lighting. For example, badminton court lighting and fencing field lighting have many different requirements. It is necessary to take into account the requirements of various competition venues and special R&D and production according to different venue conditions. The input cost is high, the product raw material requirements are also high, and the price is not cheap. We must be careful when choosing.

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