Do you want to light up your outdoor stadiums, courtyard and garden in case of power consumption? Best solar led flood lights have a wide beam of high intensity light, used to illuminate the outdoor areas with extremely high brightness. The solar panel of the best solar led flood lights will capture the sunlight and store it as solar energy in its built-in battery to power the light at night. Best solar led flood lights are powered by LED technology and have various shapes and uses, such as safety, outdoor sports at night and billboard lighting.

Therefore, before purchasing, it is necessary to know what factors they must consider and how to effectively install and use the best solar led flood lights. Here’s a guide to choose the best solar led flood lights, which contains the best information for you to get.

1. Brightness

The first thing you need to consider is the brightness of the best solar led flood lights. Why should you place them on the balcony, outdoor sports area or entrance wall to illuminate the larger area? Therefore, it is very important to check the brightness of the LEDs in best solar led flood lights, which is in lumens. This will let you know if it can effectively illuminate the area.

2. Battery Capacity

The capacity of the battery must be checked before purchasing the best solar led flood lights. The capacity of the rechargeable battery will let you know the maximum charge stored in the battery. It is expressed in ampere hours (ah) or milliampere hours (MAH). It is always better to choose a best solar led flood lights with higher MAH because it can store more charge and last longer.

3. Battery Type

Generally, best solar led flood lights have four types of batteries available. They are lithium ion, NiMH, NiCad and lead acid. NiMH battery has low power, low power light, but longer working time. NiCad (or) lead acid battery is powerful high capacity battery. Lithium ion batteries are powerful and the most popular batteries because of their higher energy but smaller size. Compared with lead-acid batteries, it has a service life of 2000 cycles, but is more expensive than other types of batteries.

4. Solar Panel Types

Generally, solar panels are divided into three categories: Monocrystalline,Polycrystalline and Amorphous solar panels. Monocrystalline is the most effective in terms of battery efficiency and the energy it converts. It’s in the ideal range of 15 to 21%, but the price is a bit high.Polysilicon has energy conversion efficiency 16%, this type of solar panel is less efficient, but within budget (reasonable price) and of good construction quality. Amorphous is also known as thin film solar panels. Because of their low energy efficiency, about 10% (or less), they are cheaper than other types of batteries.

5. Charging Time and Discharging Time

Best solar led flood lights need batteries to support solar energy and convert it into lighting for the area. Therefore, it is very important to check the battery charging time and discharging time of a given best solar led flood lights before purchasing the battery. Charging time is a fast charging battery absolutely ensures that you get the right lighting in the least amount of sunlight. Even if the weather is bad or the climate changes, it will light up the area. Discharging time will let you know how long the indicator will stay on after a full charge. The battery takes 4 – 8 hours of sunlight to fully charge. The discharging time will vary depending on the light settings and the number of modes. It is better to choose the one with long discharging time to get the best solar led flood lights.

6. Bulb Types

The bulb in the best solar led flood lights will be responsible for lighting. Generally, we use a variety of bulb types in conventional wired outdoor xxx. The most common bulbs are led, CFL, halogen, hid and MH. Among them, LED is the best bulb type for all solar lamps, which is why they must be selected.

7. Materials

Plastic and aluminum are the two main materials used for the best solar led flood lights. Most high-power best solar led flood lights have an aluminum housing because it protects the interior of the lamp from external shocks. In order to reduce the price, most cheap best solar led flood lights will use plastic shell. But plastic doesn’t mean inferior quality, because manufacturers use durable plastic to make xxx. As a result, it can be protected from high temperature and water. Just in case, if you find that xxx with aluminum shell are cheap, don’t think it’s no big deal. On the contrary, if the flood lights have poor waterproof performance, they are easy to be damaged in heavy rain.

8. Warranty

In most cases, the warranty period provided will determine the durability and reliability of the best solar led flood lights. Most suppliers offer a one-year warranty for their best solar led flood lights. The warranty of best solar led flood lights depends entirely on the brand, because few well-known brands provide a few months’ warranty, but usually not well-known brands can provide a few years’ warranty. This makes customers confused about their choice and product quality. Here, we suggest you to choose the best solar led flood lights with longer warranty period.


After extensive consideration of various factors, we believe that our best solar led flood lights are the best choice for the best best solar led flood lights you can buy. With its high lumen output, 120 degree wide angle, 17% rated energy, and most importantly, large cables and good power supply provide 3-year warranty at the same time, making our best solar led flood lights the best choice.

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